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Going Viral

For the first time ever, viruses may be on the menu
Sylvester Gross-Hamburger, Staff Member March 29, 2023

When we think of viruses, “nutrient-packed” isn't exactly the first thing to come to mind, but despite circumventing the usual definitions for being “alive”, viruses hold lots of vital components...

Cookie Clash

Cookie Clash

Ranking the Top 5 Most Popular Girl Scout Cookies.
Nikhil Choudhury March 24, 2023

With Girl Scout Cookie season now upon us, the age-old debate over the best cookie has been reignited once again. Some swear by Samoas, with their caramelly crunch and hints of coconut, while others stand...

A Legend in the Making

A Legend in the Making

Sophomore Legend Smiley steals the court.
Ali Merz March 24, 2023

From the moment he stepped onto the court, Legend Smiley was destined to be – well, a legend. Smiley’s dad, Roydell Smiley, was a co-coach for the Girl’s Varsity team this past season. He is...

Sticking to it

The struggles and prevails of the girls lacrosse team.
Unity Jirkovsky-Gual March 24, 2023

It’s a common misconception that there is a Garfield lacrosse team. Although a lacrosse team practices at Garfield, students from Franklin, Bush and other Seattle high schools make up the team. While...

Graphics by Michelle Tong and Mia Andreeva

Not Too Sweet

Reviewing Asian grocery store snacks to determine which snacks deserve the quintessential Asian dessert compliment.
Michelle Tong, Mia Andreeva, and Leo Carlin March 24, 2023

All items were obtained at Uwajimaya in the Chinatown/International District (CID) unless otherwise noted.   Pineapple cakes are a Taiwanese dessert consisting of buttery shortbread pastry...

3 Years Later…

Timeline of COVID-19.
Kennedy Greenfelder and Fiona Real March 24, 2023

Covid comes to America: There had been stories of a scary virus infecting people in Wuhan, China, but when the first case of the COVID-19 was reported in Washington January 10, 2020, the virus became...

$tipendous $ports

$tipendous $ports

The vigorous path of sports budgeting at Garfield.
Olivia Thompson, Avalon Doll, and Havana Hakala March 24, 2023

Behind each and every sporting event is an array of logistics. Each Super Bowl, World Cup, and highschool football game involves a great deal of planning. And with this planning comes debate on hot topics...

Newest on the Bulldog block

Garfield superblock renovations bring a new look to our park.
Imbie Jones March 24, 2023

The Garfield Superblock (GSB) is a park and promenade improvement project that is set to begin construction early 2024. The Garfield Superbock coalition led by Robert Stephens Jr. and eight other members,...

The Epidemic of Food Deserts

The percentage of food deserts is on the rise in Seattle.
Amirah Melvin, Staff March 23, 2023

The epidemic of food deserts has grown tremendously in King County and unincorporated cities. For those unaware of what food deserts are, here is a brief definition: a neighborhood, in which it is particularly...

Art by Kailyn Shaw

Tv to Text

Book recommendations based on you favorite tv shows.
Lea Shaw and Lillian Small March 23, 2023

When the world falls to ruin, will humanity prevail? Reading about surviving the apocalypse is just as captivating as Pedro Pascal. If you liked Last of Us try out: Parable of the Sower (Parable series)...

Your health on your terms

The many services of Garfield's Teen Health Center.
March 10, 2023

Medical care, nutritional services and mental health counseling are just a few things the teen health center provides! The Garfield Teen Health Center (GTHC) is located on the first floor of Garfield to...

Dumplings Not Displacement

The fight against Sound Transit's proposed Chinatown Station.
Leo Carlin, Staff March 10, 2023

In the early spring of 2022, Sound Transit, Seattle’s public transport authority, released plans to extend the Link Light Rail system by building a new route from Ballard to West Seattle. These plans...

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