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Much More Than Sumo

The Wild World of Japanese Pro Wrestling
Sylvester Gross-Hamburger, Staff Member May 29, 2023

As American martial arts undergo a crisis, with UFC spiraling under the concussed reputation of Dana White’s PowerSlap and growing infighting within major wrestling promotions like WWE/F, a new scene...

Hammer Time

Hammer Time

Garfield's Matilda the Musical opens in one week, and preparations are in full swing.
Mairead Averill May 26, 2023

Garfield Theatre is kicking into high gear for its biggest show of the year, Matilda the Musical. Since January, Garfield Theatre’s various departments have been hard at work constructing the world of...

Graphic by the CDC

The Conclusion of COVID (?)

The COVID-19 public health emergency has expired. So now what?
S. Avalon Leonard, Staff May 26, 2023

On January 31, 2020 the Department of Health and Human services declared that COVID-19 presented a public health emergency. Since then, the declaration has been renewed 13 times. But on May 5, the CDC...

AAPI Allstar Athletes

A highlight of exceptional AAPI athletes.
Unity Jirkovsky-Gual and Jeremy Cogswell May 26, 2023

Interview with Katie Fiso and Zoe Ozretich:  Q: What sport do you play and how long have you played it?  Zoe: I have been playing soccer since I was in first grade. They kind of just gather up...

More Locks on the Dog Pound

A talk with security about Garfield’s new safety measures
Sylvester Gross-Hamburger, Staff Member April 29, 2023

The years since Covid have been rough for Garfield and Seattle Schools, but the district’s recent changes to security are hoping to fix that. Isaac Yescas is a new member of Garfield’s security staff...

Spring Serves

Boys volleyball becomes the newest spring sport.
Unity Jirkovsky-Gual April 28, 2023

Introducing the most recent addition to spring club sports! Inspired by watching the girls volleyball practice and Erik Shoji play for America, a group of athletes banded together to start the Boys’...

Cinematic Sensations

Cinematic Sensations

The most anticipated movie releases still to come this year.
Nikhil Choudhury April 28, 2023

2023 has been filled with exciting releases from Cocaine Bear to The Super Mario Bros, but we have yet to see some of the best movies that 2023 has to offer. As we move deeper into the year the world of...


Freshman athletes that are making their impact this spring.
Imbie Jones April 28, 2023

  The transition to highschool sports is already hard enough, so just imagine being a freshman on varsity! The pace, strength, IQ, and knowledge of varsity athletes is something most younger players...

Jazz Washing Away

Jazz Washing Away

Washington Middle School jazz band may be leaving classrooms.
Olivia Thompson April 28, 2023

In the upcoming school year, students at Washington Middle School are at risk of losing their distinguished jazz band, as well as features of their music programs. Due to Seattle Public Schools budget...

An Easy Intro Into E-sports

What were the most popular eSports in 2022?
Lea Shaw, Staff April 28, 2023

E-sports can be traced all the way back to when Atari held the first major tournament in 1980, gathering 10,000 players. Now the industry is booming with 29.8 million viewers in 2022, and an estimated...

No More Ugly Clothes!

No More Ugly Clothes!

Forecasting hot new fashion trends at Garfield.
Olivia Thompson and Sly Gross-Hamburger April 7, 2023

Collars The perfect accessory for TRUE dawgs. Whether it has spikes or hearts on it, it’s the perfect piece of jewelry for purple and white outfits this spring. Since everyone thinks their pet is...

Next Up This Season…

Totally real, not fake at all GHS sports predictions.
Unity Jirkovsky-Gual and Michelle Tong April 7, 2023

Boys’ Soccer changes mascot to Handsome Squidward Although Garfield has chosen the tough, sprightly bulldog to represent our athletic prowess since the opening of our school, the Boys’ Soccer...

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