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Seattle's NBA Success
Eli Silver January 24, 2023

 The NBA season is not even halfway done and already we’ve seen an incredible number of high scoring, drama-filled games and MVP-caliber performances. This year, an absurd 15 games have had 50 or more...

TikTokers on Trial

TikTokers on Trial

Tragic murder in Idaho leads to online “whodunit”
Imbie Jones and Havana Hakala January 24, 2023

 Just before noon on November 13, 2022, police were called to the residence of six college students on the grounds of an “unconscious person.” Thirty minutes later, backup was called after the discovery...

Resolving Resolutions

Resolving Resolutions

Breaking the Cycle of Failed New Year's Ambitions.
Chelsea Li, Staff January 23, 2023

The term “New Year resolutions” was only coined in 1813, but the origins of the tradition trace back to the ancient Babylonians, who made vows to plant successful crops and pay off their debts. In...

Avatar: Way Of Appropriation

Avatar: Way Of Appropriation

Why director James Cameron is in hot water.
Kennedy Greenfelder, Staff January 23, 2023

Fans have long awaited the second installment of the Avatar franchise, Avatar: Way of The Water, after the first was released 13 years ago and was the highest grossing film in history; But its release...

King of Soccer, Queen of Punk

Ali Merz, Jada Johnson, and DeLilah Corbett January 23, 2023

Pelé Edson Arantes Nascimento has been named one of the greatest athletes of all time, and many call him the greatest soccer player of all time. During the peak of his career, he garnered international...

Art By Lea Shaw

Farewell Grey’s Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo quits Grey’s Anatomy after 17 years - mild spoiler alert!
Lea Shaw, Staff January 20, 2023

After 17 years, 19 seasons, and over 400 episodes, Ellen Pompeo, the star of the show, quit, bringing Grey's Anatomy to an end in February 2023. As one of three remaining original major cast members, Pompeo...

Graphics by Lillian Small

Glide Into the New Year

A beginners guide to cross-country skiing.
Lillian Small January 20, 2023

Do you want to experience the snow without shelling thousands of dollars and sitting on frigid ski lifts for hours? Often overlooked for its glamorous adrenaline-driven cousin—downhill skiing—cross-country,...

Issue 5 Backpage

Issue 5 Backpage

January 20, 2023

Art by Leo Carlin

Year of the Dawg

Actually, it’s the Year of the Rabbit, but come celebrate Lunar New Year with Garfield!
Michelle Tong and Griffin Crabs January 20, 2023

Tết in Vietnamese. Chūnjié in Mandarin. Seollal in Korean. Medyanotse in Tagalog. These are all different names for Lunar New Year (LNY). Although it originated in China some 3,500 years ago, LNY is...

Art by S. Avalon Leonard

Athletes under attack

The toxic culture around sports injury.
S. Avalon Leonard, Staff January 20, 2023

The discussion around athletes and injury is one that occurs time and time again. And I want to know: why are athletes continuing to push themselves to the point of severe injury? Some may say that it...

Sledding Into Winter

Sledding Into Winter

Best sledding locations this winter season.
Griffin Crabs and Chelsea Li December 9, 2022

As Seattle's temperatures begin to drop and winter takes hold, exciting seasonal activities are coming around the corner. Snowy weather gives the opportunity for sledding enthusiasts to have a round of...

Live Like Theres Snow Tomorrow

Live Like There’s Snow Tomorrow

2022-2023 Ski Season Preview
Jeremy Cogswell and Eli Silver December 9, 2022

Skiing (and snowboarding) is back and this year’s conditions look more promising than ever. Scientists are predicting a 76 percent chance of a La Niña Winter, which means more cold weather systems and...

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