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Chasing the Yellow Jersey:

Keegan Averill May 3, 2024

The Tour de France is a 21-day bike race that has been a French tradition since 1903. It features top athletes from around the world who compete over 2,000 miles in various challenges such as time trials...

The City of Lights Shines Again

Sela Harrison (she/her) May 3, 2024

With the summer of 2024 quickly approaching, the city of Paris is bustling with preparations for the upcoming Olympic Games. This global event is expected to draw millions of spectators and athletes from...

Brain, Brawn, and Bed

Silas Collins (he/him) May 3, 2024

Garfield athletes must prioritize injury management, nutrition, and sleep to stay healthy and perform, says Ms. Rachel, Garfield’s resident athletic trainer.  Sleep especially, is paramount, and...

A Look Into the Woods

A Look Into the Woods

Salem Bill (he/him) May 3, 2024

The Garfield Theater Department is doing its adaptation of Into the Woods premiering May 10 with more shows on May 11, May 12 and May 17 and 18.    Into the Woods is a musical that combines...

Dawgs Through the Ages

Football: Garfield’s football team began in 1920 with the founding of East High School, which was demolished and replaced with the larger James A. Garfield High School in 1923. Over time, the sport...

Modern May Media

Modern May Media

Dahlia Huang (She/Her) May 3, 2024

Media engulfs us all, whether or not you choose to pay attention to it. It’s everywhere, yet not all of us are reflected; it is important to feature underrepresented people such as AAPI. One article...

Brandy Melville Exposed

Brandy Melville Exposed

Joelle Rudolf (she/they) May 3, 2024

The thought process behind a high schooler’s clothing purchases is often relatively superficial. Is this shirt cute? Will it help me fit into the popular crowd? How does wearing this make me feel? In...

A Concert of Connections

In the northwest corner of Seattle Center, nestled in between the Climate Pledge arena and the Bagley Wright Theater, lives a hub of art and music known as the Vera Project. Along with being a venue...


Tia Lam (she/her) May 3, 2024

Over 10,000 years, humans have relied on rice for food, and cultures around the world have developed their own unique adaptations to the practical grain. From jollof rice from West Africa to paella from...

Cult or Impassioned Staff?

April 17, 2024

From pitching tents to ritualistic sacrifices, Post 84 has recently been unveiled as a nonprofit organization harboring cultish activity. Two rehabilitated members came out with information that defames...

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