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Art by Ava Fimmano

The Issue with AP Language Arts

The College Board’s influence in AP Language Arts classes needs to be changed.
Riley Perteet-Cantu, Staff November 24, 2021

The clock is ticking. Your first paragraph doesn’t line up with the thesis statement well enough, but it doesn’t matter: time’s up. Your essay is shipped out to be poked and prodded by essay analyzers...

Where’s my Counselor?

A peek into the offices of Garfield counseling.
Michelle Tong, Staff November 22, 2021

By definition, a school guidance counselor is a person who gives advice about school, college, and academics. But what does that mean to the Garfield community specifically? Daniel Lee and Kenneth Courtney,...

Pictured: Lucy Merrill

Ending the Cycle

PERIOD club’s mission to end menstrual inequality.
Mairead Averill, Staff November 22, 2021

The topic of menstruation has long been condensed into a single FLASH lesson, a whispered discussion in the back of the class, the stealthy transfer of a tampon from backpack to pocket, and the painful...

Promising Professions of the Future

Careers that will be in high demand in the next 5 years.
Gunvor Langhout, Staff November 22, 2021

The job market is constantly changing, but with an aging and growing population, and greater dependency on technology, some career fields are guaranteed to grow rapidly. Here are some careers that are...

Photo by Ben Fleishman

Development vs. Displacement

A nonprofit’s mission to bring affordability to Central District housing.
Ben Fleishman, Staff November 22, 2021

Due to racist housing regulations restricting where Seattle’s residents of color could live, the Central District, home to Garfield High School, was once a predominantly Black neighborhood. However,...

Photo by Adam Friesz

Garfield Bomb Threats

Response dictated by varying guidance leaves few in building.
Adam Friesz and Alwin Ma November 22, 2021

Two bomb threats were made at Garfield High School on the 4th and 5th of November leading to school evacuations and an ongoing investigation. These incidents were riddled with communication errors and...

Graphic by Eva Hightower

Device Distribution Discord

The successes and failures of the one-to-one device distribution
Evelyn Bartlett, Staff October 31, 2021

At first, there were whispers of laptops for everybody, rumors that every student was getting a computer to take home instead of dealing with laptop carts. In the 2019-2020 school year, quarantine confined...

Nia Dozier

On The Right Track

Sound Transit adds three new stations to their light rail system
Eden Huschle, Staff October 31, 2021

Seattle is home to three new light rail stations in the University District, Roosevelt, and Northgate. The Northgate extension has been in the works for over a decade, now bringing riders from Northgate...

Graphics by Tess Wahl

Cutting Class

How budget cuts led to the loss of three beloved classes
Adam Friesz, Staff October 31, 2021

This school year, three previously offered classes are no longer available. These are Psychology, Engineering, and year long AP United States Government. This cut coincides with a history of class cuts...

Art by Ava Fimmano

One Bed Short

As COVID-19 cases surge, Washington hospitals are overwhelmed beyond capacity
Michelle Tong, Staff October 31, 2021

A year and half since the COVID-19 pandemic, Washington is still reeling from the strike of the virus. Due to a surge in COVID-19 positive patients, Idaho activated their Crisis Standards of Care (CSC)...

Leave your Lunch Money at Home!

Leave your Lunch Money at Home!

The Seattle Public Schools district has chosen to implement a new free school lunch plan, but not every public school district has followed suit.
Ellen Taylor, Staff October 20, 2021

In the spring of 2021, The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that free school lunches would be available to every school district, regardless of students' and families’ financial situations. According...

By Eva Hightower

20 Years Later

Garfield remembers 9/11 on it’s 20th anniversary.
Gunvor Langhout, Staff October 20, 2021

The events of  9/11, which often pops up in your Social Studies class in September, serves as one of the most important and terrifying events in U.S. history. Today, it can feel like a product of history,...

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