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Photo by Owen Allen

Shredgar Evars

Learn about Garfield's skaters.
Taylor Gale, Staff November 28, 2021

The skateboard community at Garfield fosters the individuality and expression of the people that form it. Garfield’s skateboarders are lucky enough to go to the one school in all of Seattle that has...

Art by Lucy Gaines

2.0 or Bust

An insight on the 2.0 GPA policy and how it affects student-athletes.
Evelyn Bartlett, Staff November 28, 2021

There are many rules and regulations for playing sports in high school. ASB fees and attendance regulations both play a part in allowing a student-athlete to be eligible to participate. But there’s also...

Art by Eva Hightower

Generational Table Tennis

Seattle's table tennis legacy.
Eva Hightower, Staff November 28, 2021

Table tennis, or ping pong, is a sport that's been played since 1890, and just like other sports, has world-level championships. In Seattle, there are several major table tennis locations including the...

Art by Audrey Abrahams

Space Oddity

Inside Garfield's Rocket Club.
Ellie Wakefield, Staff November 28, 2021

Rocketry is a relatively new club at Garfield, but it has already sparked interest in the community. Not only is it an opportunity to build and launch rockets--obviously tasks that are enticing enough--but...

Art by Mairead Averill

Leveling The Playing Field

The imbalance between public and private sports teams.
Zac Meyer, Staff November 28, 2021

High school sports have been a staple in American culture for as long as anyone can remember. From rural towns to big cities, high school sporting events bring communities together for a celebration of...

Art by Tess Wahl

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

What it takes to be an athlete at Mount Baker Crew.
Tess Wahl, Staff November 28, 2021

Since 1985, Mount Baker Junior Crew (MBC) has motivated 8th-12th graders to challenge their physical and mental limits; teaching team camaraderie, dedication, and grit. Through bitter rain and wind, Baker...

Art by Erica Arnstein

Pawn to E4

High-spirited chess team with a storied past moves into the future.
Adam Friesz, Staff November 28, 2021

“Hey, do you want to play a tournament this weekend? We need another player,” asks George King, chess team captain, as the group’s lunch meeting starts and two members warm up by playing rapid-fire...

Art by Lucy Gaines


A look into the past, present and future of Garfield's cheer team
Lucy Gaines, Staff October 31, 2021

Cheer holds a unique place in the sports community at Garfield. For as long as there have been sporting events, there has been an audience and enthusiasts to cheer them on. Since the first flip in 2006,...

Art by Maile Quenzer

Ending the Gender Divide?

Experiencing co-ed sports at Garfield
Maile Quenzer October 31, 2021

The sports world has gone through an array of changes in recent years. Co-ed teams, or teams that are open to athletes of all gender identities, are a fairly new development. As opposed to single-gendered...

Art by Nike Adejumobi

Fame and Fortune

The changing world of collegiate athletics and new NCAA policies
Mika Ichikawa, Staff October 31, 2021

At the collegiate level, it is not uncommon for student-athletes to feel tied to, or even owned by their school. According to the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), “Education is at the...

Photography by Angela Sterling

Dancing Around Seattle

A look into the studios of some of Garfield's dancers
Mairead Averill, Staff October 31, 2021

Garfield High is home to many dancers who spend their free time perfecting their technique and artistry. Here are profiles of five studios around Seattle. Spectrum Dance Theater Located on the shores...

Fall Sports in Full Swing!

The first semi-normal sports season
S. Avalon Leonard, Staff October 31, 2021

The dogs have been let out of the pound and they are tearing up the Metro League. As the fall season comes to a close, let’s look at the stats that came from this first semi-normal season for the Bulldogs,...

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