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By Judas Knox

Disinformation Dilemna

Right-wing disinformation in professional sports.
Ben Fleishman, Staff March 2, 2022
While lies spread by Rodgers, Walker, and others are easily debunked, millions of people believe them to be the truth. There’s no easy way to fix that.

A New Arena For Freshman Athletes

The class of ‘25 begins their high school sporting journeys.
Adam Friesz, Staff March 2, 2022

The class of 2025 has dove head-first into many activities at Garfield but none more than sports. “I think it’s a really big thing to be in athletics because people don’t know each other unless you’re...

Sporty Scholars

Sporty Scholars

Committed athletes explain how to navigate the college recruitment process.
Zac Meyer February 1, 2022

As we march on through the school year, the senior class begins to shift its focus to what the future holds. For many, the answer is college, and for an even more select few, it’s collegiate athletics....

Trends That Caused a Racquet

Trends That Caused a Racquet

How tennis fashion has evolved over the years.
Mika Ichikawa February 1, 2022

Tennis - the international sport that draws a variety of people and styles to the court -  is arguably one of the only sports where competitors can truly express themselves through their uniform. With...

Reject Tradition, Embrace Modernity

Reject Tradition, Embrace Modernity

How one of Japan’s most ancient sports is adapting to modern times.
Layth Stauffer February 1, 2022

As a 2,000 year old sport often watched by the Japanese Imperial family, you would think sumo wrestling would be highly respected and fairly popular. Unfortunately, the West has long since made a mockery...

Chalk Talk

Chalk Talk

Bouldering is a sport that creates a community of athletes that work hard and have fun.
Evelyn Bartlett January 31, 2022

At a national level, the athletes we see playing sports are typically playing basketball, football, and soccer. Other sports, like golf or tennis, have dedicated TV channels you can find, but only if you...

What is a White Sport?

Black athletes in white dominated sports.
Eva Hightower January 31, 2022

From high school athletes to professional players, sports have had a significant impact on American culture for centuries. Like many aspects of American life, race has played a significant part in the...

From Seattle to the Slopes

From Seattle to the Slopes

A guide to ski resorts around Washington.
Ellen Taylor January 31, 2022

It’s finally ski season, and snowboarders and skiers are getting ready to hit the slopes. While many have their mind made up about their preferred ski resort, others may be wondering which ski resort...


A brief overview of winter sports.
Eden Huschle January 31, 2022

With the holidays being over what better to get us through these dreary months than winter sports. Basketball, swim, and wrestling are in full swing…they have their eyes set on the upcoming Metro League...

Photo by Owen Allen

Shredgar Evars

Learn about Garfield's skaters.
Taylor Gale, Staff November 29, 2021

The skateboard community at Garfield fosters the individuality and expression of the people that form it. Garfield’s skateboarders are lucky enough to go to the one school in all of Seattle that has...

Art by Lucy Gaines

2.0 or Bust

An insight on the 2.0 GPA policy and how it affects student-athletes.
Evelyn Bartlett, Staff November 29, 2021

There are many rules and regulations for playing sports in high school. ASB fees and attendance regulations both play a part in allowing a student-athlete to be eligible to participate. But there’s also...

Art by Eva Hightower

Generational Table Tennis

Seattle's table tennis legacy.
Eva Hightower, Staff November 29, 2021

Table tennis, or ping pong, is a sport that's been played since 1890, and just like other sports, has world-level championships. In Seattle, there are several major table tennis locations including the...

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