The Garfield Messenger

Pixelated P.E.

By Nhu Tat

Nikita Landfield, Staff

October 30, 2020

As students continue further into the school year at Garfield, more obstacles are being met by students and teachers. The prospect of fair tests is being challenged, many science labs aren’t available, music classes are being held in the solace of students’ homes, and gym classes are becoming mo...

Seahawks Historic Season Start

Art By Kien-Binh Vo

Julia Wartman

October 30, 2020

The Seattle Seahawks’ start to their 2020 season is nothing short of historic. With all of the first five games won, this season is looking like a strong one for the Seahawks. They are one of the only teams this season to have won their first five games. This season's kick off is an exceptionally good...

NBA/WNBA Championship Finals

Art By Molly Chapin

Lakelle Bridges

October 30, 2020

Watching professional sports is one of America’s favorite pastimes. A 73 year old legacy, the NBA’s annual championship series has left a huge impact on all its viewers and basketball fans. When the NBA announced in March that their season would be suspended, the world was devastated. But in late Jul...

The G.O.A.T debate

Art By Kien-Binh Vo

Zac Meyer

October 30, 2020

Two weeks ago, Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat 4-2 in a best of seven series in the NBA Finals, capping off one of the most dominant playoff runs in modern NBA history. This championship win gives Lebron his fourth title and his fourth Finals MVP, bringing his career finals...

Swim Team Preview

Medgar Evers Pool, home of the Garfield swim teams.

Oliver Hyman, Staff

October 30, 2020

The Garfield swim team is hopeful they will be able to participate in a season despite many other sports being canceled due to high COVID risks. High school sports all across Washington have taken a hit due to the coronavirus pandemic, as a result, most sports have been postponed or canceled. Luckily f...

Cross Country Preview

Kien-Binh Vo, Staff

October 30, 2020

Garfield’s cross country team is off to a strong start this year, with new head coach Kangas leading the way. Although the official season starts in March, runners have been participating in pre-season practices in September.  “It’s very new and different, but it's a good opportunity for cross country ...

Sports and Covid

By Zachary Meyer

Izzy Lamola, Staff

October 30, 2020

With COVID-19 altering all parts of today's society, sports seem like the hardest thing to control. This year there still seems to be some amount of hope for high school sports to return. COVID isn’t going away soon but coaches and student-athletes everywhere aren’t ready to say goodbye to sports ...

Coronavirus and College

Graphics by Nhu Tat

Griffin Hintze

October 30, 2020

In an industry that already has experienced its fair share of controversy and problems, a difficult task has become even harder recently. As most aspects of society have had to adjust to the new COVID world we live in, college recruiting is no different. Players and coaches alike had to adjust to the new ...

Reaching the Summit

By Molly Chapin

Molly Chapin

October 2, 2020

It’s easy to join the school sports community here at Garfield, but some students find it valuable to branch out and participate in more unconventional sports. One such sport is bouldering and climbing, which has recently taken off in the Seattle area. Bouldering is a subset of rock climbing whic...

Womens Swim Recap

Matt Lord

February 3, 2020

The Garfield womens swim team ended last season with astounding results. “This is honestly the best season we’ve had since I’ve been coaching here for the girls team, in terms of overall team community and team performance,” said David Johnson, who has been coaching the team since 2010. “We plac...

Letter From The Messenger

Corinna Singer, Writer

February 3, 2020

This is a potentially triggering topic. Mental health resources are listed on pages 10 and 11. The Messenger was planning on publishing an article on locker room culture at Garfield. As reporting continued, we became increasingly doubtful that we could cover this story in a respons...

Esports Takes the World By Storm

Benjamin Thomas

December 20, 2019

On August 25th the European team OG won $35 million and became the first repeat winners of the Dota 2 International Championship by beating Team Liquid, the 2017 champions, in a 3-1. In every respect, esports has been growing at a breakneck pace. This year, the esports industry earned over $1 billion...

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