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Faculty Fashion Guide

Breaking down Garfield’s most stylish.
Peja Harding, Staff November 28, 2021

Amongst the many show-stopping student outfits walking through Garfield's halls five days a week, most turn a blind eye to the equally stellar faculty fits. While some teachers have signature outfits,...

Art by Judas Knox

Garfield Has Improv? Yes, and…….

A glimpse into the world of Improv around Seattle.
Ellen Taylor, Staff November 28, 2021

The arts program is a major part of Garfield culture, and the theater program is known across the city. However, not many people know of Improv Club, a hidden gem of the school which allows students to...

Art by Nike Adejumobi

Messenger University

The mission for admission.
Layth Stauffer and Lucy Gaines November 28, 2021

Early Action: Typically Nov 1                    Early Action 2: Typically Nov 15 You apply earlier and hear back from the college earlier than you normally would. It doesn’t lock you...

Art by Nia Dozier

Books Where the Movie Was Better

"The book is always better”... or is it?
Amritha Dewan, Staff November 28, 2021

For years, the common stereotype has been that : “The book is always better than the movie.” Occasionally the opposite happens, and the quality of the movie ends up exceeding that of the book. Some...

Art by Eva Hightower

What to Watch

TV Shows You Might Enjoy
Eva Hightower, Staff October 31, 2021

With the changing of seasons and dreary Seattle weather rolling in, now is the perfect time to cozy up and binge some shows. The range of new television shows spotlighted in the past weeks like  Squid...

Photos by Layth Stauffer

History Preserved in Our Halls

The Central District’s history is memorialized by a Garfield mural
Gunvor Langhout and Layth Stauffer October 31, 2021

For the last decade, colorful murals have adorned Garfield's 1st floor; a chronicle of the events and local heroes that helped shape the Central District. In the decade since, the school and neighborhood...

Art by Erica Arnstein

Best of Boba

A review of bubble tea around Garfield
Ellen Taylor, Staff October 31, 2021

In Seattle, the bubble tea franchise has teenagers wrapped around its finger. Garfield students recommended three of their favorite boba places near the school and The Messenger tried their best-selling...

Autumnal Traditions Around The World

PSL sand Pinterest photoshoots aren't the only things that take place during this time of season
Tess Wahl, Staff October 31, 2021

For Americans, fall is a cozy mix of leaf piles, cable-knit sweaters, and all things pumpkin-spice.  But PSLs and pinterest photoshoots aren't the only things that take place during this time of year....

Art by Nike Adejumobi

Garfield’s Most Mysterious Places

A Quick Look at Three of Garfield’s Most Unknown Spaces
Riley Perteet-Cantu, Staff October 31, 2021

In the depths of Garfield High School, just beyond the view of the average student, there lie places only known to most through legend. Here are but a few of these places that have remained shrouded in...

Art by Nike Adejumobi

The Rise and Fall of Teen Dystopia

2010’s movie adaptation craze
Peja Harding, Staff October 31, 2021

Pop culture of the mid 2010’s was a prime era for many high schoolers: the hold that the dystopian genre had on Gen Z was intense, for some, it was the turning point for their love of books and movies....

Art by Maile Quenzer

Halloween Hall of Fame

An evil-lution through the ages
Adam Friesz, Ellie Wakefield, and Lakelle Bridges October 31, 2021

Children and adults alike have come to love and celebrate Halloween, but the amount of change it has gone through is frightening. Starting 2000 years ago with the Celts in Ireland, All Saint’s Day was...

Meet the Messenger Artists

Featuring Nike and Ava
Ben Fleishman, Staff October 31, 2021

Most of the writers, artists, and photographers who work on The Messenger are enrolled in Mr. Zimmermann’s 5th period Journalism class. While this class is the main space used to write, edit, and format...

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