The Garfield Messenger

Art by Judas Knox

Mental Health Flies South for the Winter

How the cold weather impacts student wellbeing and academic performance.
Mika Ichikawa, Staff November 24, 2021

As the first semester passes and the days get shorter, the decrease in students’ mental health and motivation is often overlooked. Deadlines have become more concrete and expectations have gone up now...

Pictured: Lucy Merrill

Ending the Cycle

PERIOD club’s mission to end menstrual inequality.
Mairead Averill, Staff November 22, 2021

The topic of menstruation has long been condensed into a single FLASH lesson, a whispered discussion in the back of the class, the stealthy transfer of a tampon from backpack to pocket, and the painful...

By Lakelle Bridges

Heart to Hart

Exploring the mind and motives of Garfield’s new principal, Dr. Tarance Hart.
Lakelle Bridges, Staff November 10, 2021

Introducing Garfield’s newest long-term principal, Dr. Tarance Hart, here from Jackson, Mississippi. He goes by Dr. Hart, Mr. Hart, or T-Hart. In high school, T-Hart was a self-proclaimed, “nerd”...

Art by Taylor Gale

Fresh Faces

A spotlight on Garfield’s new teachers
Taylor Gale, Staff October 31, 2021

Garfield's courses are constantly in flux, and with the yearly change of classes comes a change in teachers. From electives like theater to core classes like math, several new teachers have moved into...

Meet the Messenger Artists

Featuring Nike and Ava
Ben Fleishman, Staff October 31, 2021

Most of the writers, artists, and photographers who work on The Messenger are enrolled in Mr. Zimmermann’s 5th period Journalism class. While this class is the main space used to write, edit, and format...

By Nike Adejumobi

Reduce, Reuse, Resell?

How Depop reselling contributes to the gentrification of thrift stores.
Taylor Gale, Staff October 20, 2021

Throughout the past year, there has been a huge rise in the popularity of thrifting. What was once stigmatized and seen as shameful is now a rewarding and trendy activity. With the rise in thrifting, we’ve...

By Evelyn Bartlett

Tucked Away Treasures

Where to go and why to stay.
Evelyn Bartlett, Staff October 20, 2021

There are over 800 Cafes in the Seattle area, and over 200 of those are Starbucks. However, there are still hundreds of cafes that are hidden away behind trees and tucked into different streets. So I searched...

By Eva Hightower

20 Years Later

Garfield remembers 9/11 on it’s 20th anniversary.
Gunvor Langhout, Staff October 20, 2021

The events of  9/11, which often pops up in your Social Studies class in September, serves as one of the most important and terrifying events in U.S. history. Today, it can feel like a product of history,...

Photo by Lakelle Bridges

Defang Spang

Taking a deeper look at one of Garfield's veteran teachers
S. Avalon Leonard May 8, 2021

When you ask someone what they first think of when recalling their Garfield experience, they may have a couple different answers.  They might think of the many sports and clubs that Garfield exceeds...

Art by Izzy Wang

The Internalized Divide

AP classes are divisive and exclusionary.
Izzy Lamola May 8, 2021

Ask yourself: what is your classroom really like? Is it a welcoming environment that encourages peer support and vulnerability? Or is it full of judgment and hostility towards making mistakes? For students...

Illustrated by Molly Chapin

Back to 400 23rd Ave

The return to in-person learning.
Lizzie Carroll, Audrey Abrahams, and Nhu Tat May 6, 2021

Beginning April 19th, all Washington schools were required to offer a hybrid learning schedule to K-12 students. The sudden transition from fully online to partially in-person classes brings definite pros...

Cringe-Worthy Chronicles

Online-school stories that could have happened to you.
Liana Moore April 9, 2021

Kikicrazypants “There was this one time when I participated in a local nonprofit group within walking distance of my house. I've been going there for almost my whole life and now I help them with...

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