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Following Northstar

Following Northstar

Sylvester Gross-Hamburger June 22, 2024

Queer representation has a complicated history in the comics industry. With the destruction of the comics code authority, the past decade has seen a lot of improvement for canon queer characters in superhero...

Opinion: Health Class Isn’t Healthy

Addie McLaughlin (she/her) March 22, 2024

Trigger warning: This article discusses eating disorders, counting calories, and body image. If you believe you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, go to


Maysun Dawahare March 8, 2024
It is important now more than ever that we understand and own who we are as it is so crucial to today’s movement. The issue that appears to us now is identity beyond the perceptions of other people.
Crucial Course Consideration

Crucial Course Consideration

It’s that time of year again. Class registration season can be stressful, and hard to navigate but we’re here to help! As members of the Class of ‘24 and ‘25, we’ve put in the time and are ready...

The Truthful Take on True Crime

Havana Hakala (she/her), Staff February 16, 2024

From Jack the Ripper to the Cleveland Torso Killer, the world seems to be fascinated with serial killer gore. Restrictions and content filters have led to this online niche dwindling, but nothing can stop...

Happy Haulidays?!

Happy Haulidays?!

Meredith Johnson (she/her), Staff January 19, 2024

The holidays bring a magical sense of excitement. There is of course family time, but more importantly, the joy of presents–especially for teenagers. However, once the holidays end, that excitement can...

Log Off

Log Off

Sela Harrison (she/her) December 15, 2023

The dopamine rush that accompanies a perfectly tailored set of 12-second video clips is likely a familiar feeling. Short-form content has reigned supreme for several years and has only virally expanded...

Nepo Babies in the Ivy League

Tia Lam (she/her) November 17, 2023

Since the early 1900s, college applicants with familial connections have received preferential treatment in the college admission process. On June 29, the US Supreme Court overturned affirmative action,...

War of the Word Games

War of the Word Games

Felix Allor October 12, 2023

Over the past few years, The New York Times’ daily games have snuck into the lives of people all over the world, nestling themselves into their routines. Something about these seemingly dull, yet cutesy...

Dumplings Not Displacement

Leo Carlin, Staff March 10, 2023

In the early spring of 2022, Sound Transit, Seattle’s public transport authority, released plans to extend the Link Light Rail system by building a new route from Ballard to West Seattle. These plans...

Art by S. Avalon Leonard

Athletes under attack

S. Avalon Leonard, Staff January 20, 2023

The discussion around athletes and injury is one that occurs time and time again. And I want to know: why are athletes continuing to push themselves to the point of severe injury? Some may say that it...

Art by Lillian Small and Leo Carlin

Music Monopoly Master

Leo Carlin, Staff December 9, 2022

Taylor Swift announced her upcoming concert tour, the Eras Tour, on November 1, including a concert in Seattle at Lumen Field. Fans all across the U.S. rushed to buy tickets from Ticketmaster –the platform...

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