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Defamation of the Acorn Association

Is the intent of the AP exams for the students, or for the money?
Jada Johnson November 4, 2022

AP exam registrations are due today, November 4, 2022, by 5pm for Seattle Public School students in either yearlong or first semester AP courses. Students can register for the exams at

The Nightmare Before Homecoming

Six scary movies to watch before Halloween.
Michelle Tong, Jada Johnson, and Asmaa Bah October 21, 2022

The Silence of The Lambs (1991) Hailed as a cult-classic, Silence of the Lambs certainly lives up to its iconicity. Although the word horror should be replaced with thriller in the genre, the movie...

By Nike Adejumobi

Vacation or Voluntourism?

The problem with your service trip.
Jackie Le, Staff April 1, 2022

At the beginning of the school year, I walked from my video production class to enter the gymnasium, shuffling alongside curious classmates into the club fair.  One of the clubs advertising at the...

Setting The Standard

An exploration of standardized testing.
S. Avalon Leonard, Staff April 1, 2022

 Content Warning: This article contains heavy discussions of racism, eugenics, and classism. “According to all evidence available, then, American intelligence is declining, and will proceed with...

Dear Dawgs

November 22, 2021

Dear Dawgs, I like this boy who I’ve been super close with for a long time. He found a girlfriend and not going to lie, I wasn’t too happy about it because we were always flirting with each other....

Dear Dawgs

Garfield’s very own advice column
October 31, 2021

Dear Dawgs, My boyfriend calls me all the time, but when I'm in school he doesn't even acknowledge me! He only talks to his friends and always ditches me. He never invites me to hangout with his friends...

By Evelyn Bartlett

Tucked Away Treasures

Where to go and why to stay.
Evelyn Bartlett, Staff October 20, 2021

There are over 800 Cafes in the Seattle area, and over 200 of those are Starbucks. However, there are still hundreds of cafes that are hidden away behind trees and tucked into different streets. So I searched...

By Lucy Gaines

Are We Falling for Fall Recipes?

The Messenger’s favorite mediocre foodie tries a few fall recipes pulled straight from #RecipeTok.
S. Avalon Leonard, Staff October 20, 2021

As fall approaches and we say our goodbyes to summer, we are also left saying farewell to our summer foods. Gone are the days of lemonade and fresh salads, and upon us are the warm soups and hot beverages...

Art by Izzy Wang

The Internalized Divide

AP classes are divisive and exclusionary.
Izzy Lamola May 8, 2021

Ask yourself: what is your classroom really like? Is it a welcoming environment that encourages peer support and vulnerability? Or is it full of judgment and hostility towards making mistakes? For students...

Black and Blue

There is no free America where Police exist.
Simone Cielos May 7, 2021

Years of oppression do not lie to the face of the oppressed, nor does the memory fade from a traumatized mind. The police are not just a weapon of the government, knocking any heads that rise up. They...

Art by Ilah Walker

The College Board Apologizes

Is this a publicity stunt?
Alwin Ma, Staff April 9, 2021

Disclaimer: This is a satirical opinion article, and the sentiments within this piece do not necessarily reflect the Messenger's views as an organization. The College Board. The non-profit organization...

Art by Ria Maisano-Torres

Mad Libs: Easter

Autumn Henson, Staff April 9, 2021

Disclaimer: This is a satirical opinion article, and the sentiments within this piece do not necessarily reflect the Messenger's views as an organization. Easter is like many other holidays. It...

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