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Celebrating Black Excellence

Benjamin Thomas

February 3, 2020

"We’re very reactionary. We go from reacting to one tragedy to the next, and we rarely have time to create visions for ourselves and where we want to go. The Black future is an opportunity for people to engage in a conversation about what tomorrow looks like in an ideal world."


Sam Treat

February 3, 2020

This article is meant to be a resource for anyone-- whether they are a weight room novice, or a bulked-up giant (like me). The workout below is compiled of exercises obtained from a variety of sources. Many of these exercises come from Men’s or Women’s Health, GQ, or FitnessAI, which are all gre...

Ava Fimmano’s Prints

November 6, 2019

Garfield sophomore Ava Fimmano has turned her interest in graphic design into a t-shirt printing business. She sells pre-printed t-shirts with her art for $7 and sells them at a discounted rate ($5) if you bring your own shirt. Fimmano sells shirts through her instagram account @avafimmano.   Fimmano came up with the idea to start printing an...

You Failed Us

You Failed Us

Guest Writer Azure Savage

November 6, 2019

Inside the author's head.

A New Legacy

A New Legacy

Kai Craig, Annabelle Frockt, and Caroline Ashby

November 6, 2019

Choir This year, Blake Saunders has transitioned from a full time choir and vocal jazz teacher at Washington Middle School to splitting his time here at Garfield and at Washington. Though few would be willing to sacrifice their days teaching middle schoolers, Saunders finds great joy in it.  ...

The Foot-Z Crew

Annabelle Frockt

November 6, 2019

Director and founder of The Foot-Z Crew, Cipher Goings (2019 Garfield Alum), describes the group as a place where “[we] mix our ‘Gen-Z’ flare with tap dancing.” Housed out of Northwest Tap Connection, Foot-Z fuses tap and hip hop together to create dance videos that they post to Youtube and Instagram. According...

Exploring Fringe Theater in the Central District

Ben Thomas

November 6, 2019

Fringe. Off-Off-Broadway. Free theater. It doesn’t matter what name you choose, it doesn’t matter what preconceived notions you dragged in with you; all that matters is when you walked away you were sure that what you saw was weird and awesome. Experimental and innovative theater, whether the medium...

The Calling Of Psychology

The Calling Of Psychology

Hailey Gray

November 19, 2018

TW: Discusses societal stigmas surrounding mental illness. Recently, talk of an AP Psychology class has floated among our classrooms and hallways. Several students have advocated for the creation of AP Psych in order to ignite more discussions centered around the mind, human behavior, and mental health....

Winter Sports Spotlight

Captains Connor Zhang (front) and John Volk looking at the swim team's bright future.

Ava Klubberud

November 19, 2018

Boys Swim and Dive: Following an amazing run for the Lady Bullfrogs, the Garfield boys swim and dive team is ready for their turn. Captain and senior Connor Zhang cannot wait for his final season with his team. “I want to make [this season] as cool and as fun as I’ve had it these past thr...


Photo by Ben Mefford

Ben Mefford

October 18, 2018

Ioan Street Although he joined cross country  just to get fit for his first high school soccer season, Ioan Street has a new found love for running. When he came to his first practice, everyone was shockingly tall. With captains’ practices everyday for two weeks before the first day of school, he b...

2017 in Review

Carlin Bills and Delphi Drake-Mudede

January 9, 2018


The Unspoken Truths

Cipher Goings, Staff Writer

May 31, 2017

Coming soon to Garfield High School’s (GHS) library is an African-American history exhibit for two days on May 31st and June 1st. “The Unspoken Truths” traveling museum is a museum founded and ran by Delbert Richardson, a community scholar and second generational story teller. The museum will be...

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