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The student news source of Garfield High School

The Garfield Messenger

The student news source of Garfield High School

The Garfield Messenger

Class of 2024 Farewells

Adreal Manansala (University of Washington)

To the FSA Underclassmen, ESPECIALLY Steven: Y’all have been there since FSA’s start. I am hopeful that you guys will continue the legacy of FSA. Steven, I entrust you to run the Treasurer role, continue the prosperity of FSA and keep the money rolling!!

To Josh, Paloma, Sawyer, Hamin, Angela, Kelan, and Olivia Kang,

I leave you guys cans of Celsius. You guys have grown so much and are insanely smart, so have some energy. I am so excited for your futures and can’t wait to see y’all succeed! Seeing you guys grow up right in front of my eyes makes me feel so proud,  all the work that you guys have done will pay off!!!

To Santino,

I leave you some Wisdom, your high school journey is only starting, take it easy, you’re one of the brightest kids I know and me and mom believe in you always! 

Anya Neufeld (University of Washington)

To Haydn: I leave you with drum pads, because you never seem to know how to use one. Stop tapping <3

To Jasmine, Nate and Myles: My favorite baby snares, I know you guys are going to be great leaders next year!

To Taylor: I’m so glad I got to know you these past two years, I love you so much!

To Eleanor, Ace, and Athena: You guys are so amazing, keep up the good work!

Anyanka Ceballos-Baliga (University of Washington)

Dear Mae, Dyanni, and Khalil, I leave with you my honorary hurdle captain position. Khalil, this means you have to recruit. Mae and Dyanni, you have to stop complaining. You guys are the rocks of our team. Own it, and enjoy every second you spend on the track. Don’t stress because at the end of the day, you hurdle because you love it. I love you and have full faith in you all.

Ashley Quiroz

I pass on my role in Razas Unidas and I hope you appreciate it as much as I did. Do not stress you will do great!! Much love – Gigi

Brandon McClure (University of Washington)

To Sawyer, Paloma, and Josh, I leave you the Hello Kitty Luvrs GC and infinite ride passes. Much love. ~ Add to Hello Kitty Luvrs, Josh I also leave you a smelling stick.

To Makayla, I appreciate you and everything you’ve done for me. My fav fan dancer.

To Maison, I’m sorry I said you were worth only 8 pounds… You’re worth at least 12!

To Angela & Hamin, who I always could count on for W photos! Bless y’all.

To Olivia, I’d say I leave KSA, but you already run that anyway! Keep slaying!

To Jackson & Atticus, so proud! Love y’all!

To FSA, I leave 5 lumpia and old PowerPoint slides.

To KSA, I leave a bag of rice and a bunch of gimbab.

Carlo Lesaca (University of Washington)

To Hamin Chang, I leave you with the knowledge to pump gas and fold paper darts. I also leave behind all my Ddjaki wins. I hope we can rematch someday in Korea. 

To Kelan Sato, I leave you with every single APISU AND non-APISU message I’ve sent in Produce48 Final Five this year. I hope it helps you whenever you need support. You are and you will always be amazing, please know that. 

To Joshua Santos, I leave you with Google Maps. I hope it prevents another FSA Bellevue incident,  especially because now you’re FSA President! Also stop running the method, your eye bags worry me sometimes.

To Joshua, Steven Artiles, Madyn, Marcus, Aiqin, Jackson, Atticus, Madeline, and the rest of FSA; I leave you all with FSA. Please take good care of it, I know you all will. 

Caroline Gorham Siegler (Whitman College)

To Milo, I leave you the strength to drive alone to school. It will be so so scary and so utterly boring without me, but just know I believe it’s possible. 

To Maya, I leave you (and your mom) all of my deepest Trader Joe’s secrets. I know you will continue to thrive, and I can’t wait to come back and cheer you on. 

To Maddie, Sonja, Casey, Unity, Miel, and Delia, I leave you with knowledge of Templeton, and where to find him. 

Cindy Bui

It’s my first year at Garfield but I love it here (but sometimes I do hate it). The community is welcoming. I love the AAPI community here the most. People are nice and friendly. 

Ella Timpe (Western Washington University)

I will that all my junior, sophomore and freshman girlies thrive and prosper!

Faysal Farah

Get all your Service Hours completed as soon as possible, don’t procrastinate, set realistic deadlines for work, join a club to meet new people, & take mental break days when necessary.

Gia Nguyen (University of Washington)

Sean K: I leave in your hands the password to the ghs orchffirmations account. I hope you create the funniest and silliest posts and live up to my legacy.

Angela N, Vivian N, Michelle N, Mina H, Derrick D: I’m handing over the reins of VSA to you guys. I know you guys will do so well next year, and I am so proud of everything we did this year. 

And finally, Kelan S: I am so proud of you, you’ve done so much good work this year and I cannot wait to see you grow as a leader and as a person. Please visit me at my dorm next year, I’ll miss you so so so much. I will forever miss sharing my lunch with you. 

Hannah Ziesche (Santa Clara University)

To the new yearbook team I leave you with our table in the corner and a lot of good gossip sessions. I can’t wait to see what you create!

Brooke, Tiauna, & Sabrina: my new sm team, I leave you the whole theater. It’s all yours and I know you are going to do amazing things 🙂

And to Sawyer, Josh, & Paloma, I leave you with the hope that you don’t hit any more cars! thanks for all the laughs!

Iris McLaughlin (University of Washington)

Kelan, Rosalia, & Ayar, I leave you Chamber Music club. I know you will do great things. I’ll miss our never-ending afternoon rehearsals. To Milo, Saumya, and my theater family; I can’t put into words how incredible you all are. I’m so excited to see what you create next year and beyond. And to Hazel, I leave you the floor outlets in 219, Wednesday Ezell’s runs, and backpack lip balm. Make Garfield your own. I love you all endlessly. 

Jacky Liu (University of Washington)

To Molly, I leave you with endless high fives through the halls, walks to and from the car, a few bottles of Darigold chocolate milk and all the dill pickle chips in the world. I leave you with a copy of Wall-E as well, do whatever with it. Bye Molly!

To Cole, I leave you with sole possession of a media pass and the non-existent Wii golf skill that I have.

To Bryce, I leave you with the most holy daps in the world and all the extra credit we requested from Madame Clayton.

To Wren and Olin, I leave with you both sole possession of Mr. Lou’s darkroom and studio. Do as many media days as you wish!

To Olin, I leave you with my old 70-200 F2.8 lens.

Joelle Rudolf (Scripps College)

To Jasmine, Nate, & Myles, I leave you clean doubles and my favorite split double-beat warm-up during sectionals. The future of the Garfield snare line is bright!

To Oli, my favorite passenger princess, I leave you after school Starbucks runs and flat tire changing expertise. You are the coolest band kid to ever exist!

Juul Pod, I will miss our advisory gossip sessions and advice exchanges. I leave you Zane’s whiteboard portrait, make sure it never gets erased!

To Sarah, my bio bro, I leave you taco truck runs and last minute study sessions during lunch. Me and Nes will always be your biggest fans!

Julianne Ingram (Northeastern University)

To Athena, the best young king I could ever ask for. I leave you dead pufferfish, personalized websites, popped birthday balloons, and the knowledge that I’ll forever be two years older. 

For Kailyn, an endless loop of “Hips Don’t Lie” and a lifetime of debt days.

To Josh, Madyn, Steven, Jackson, Atticus, Madeline, Aiqin, and Marcus, I leave FSA. It has been so amazing to see this club and community grow and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Paloma, Josh, Sawyer, I leave boba runs, truly awful bowling techniques, (subsequent target trips), and one live tilapia named Elliot.

Kaylene Woodling

Save your money, go to community college. 

Kennedy Greenfelder (University of Chicago)

To Olivia Thompson I leave the beloved Messenger. It’s your turn to pester people about their deadlines, fight to the death with indesign and have long, lovely chats with Z. You’re going to do amazing as Managing Editor!!!

Keyshawn Jackson

I leave you with my good attitude and good advice to young classes.

Lea Shaw

Rilan I leave you the purple and white overalls. Thank you for brightening my seasons, may your runs be filled with fun and good stories. 

Miel and Taylor I leave you my cane. I hope your props never break as much as that thing did. I have had so much fun these past two years with you guys, I cannot wait to see what you put on next year!

Benny I leave you the madrona lookout. Even though it only happened a few times, you were so much fun to run with. I wish you an amazing final season! 

Ulali I leave you Mock Trial, I’m so proud of how much you’ve learned and I know you’re going to make the club even better! 

Casey I leave you the landing on the south west staircase, its the best place to sing in the school, you should try it out. I have had so much fun singing with you in choir and in theater, you have such positive energy! 

Adrien I leave you the back table in AP Bio, never have I been so glad I took such a hard class. I hope your luck in seating charts continues. 

~ P.S. Thank you for being the best study buddy, I couldn’t have passed the class without you!

Leo Carlin (University of Washington)

To Kian, I leave you the finances of The Messenger. Chase that money. 

To Silas & Unity, I leave you an overly complicated gmail password. Do what you want with it.

To Kelan, stay patient. Assert influence, delegate tasks, and the victories will come eventually.

To CSA, I leave you the task of improvising meetings and eating good food.

To Violas, I leave you with plenty of Christmas music to play. 

To Benny & Joe, I wish you joy on your runs. Just don’t do anything stupid.

Lumen Hollander

To Rilan Springer I leave you with my baseball cap as you stole it so many times that it might as well be yours. Loved being your chauffeur and I hope you continue to be the most responsible menace to society I’ve ever met. 

Olivia Bodden (Smith College)

To Maddie and Hayite, I leave the swim team. Continue screaming “second half” at people and confusing the hell out of the other team.

To Jaden and Tiauna, I leave the sound department. Continue scaring the crap out of actors with unprompted sound effects.

To Delia, Zoe, Mulan, Sean, and Kaitlyn, I leave Model UN. Continue sponsoring resolutions that are probably war crimes.

To Anneka and Nyshae, I leave the seconds. Continue being the most spectacular sopranos.

To Cole, I leave trivia club. Continue learning random facts and try not to break our new equipment (I did too much paperwork for it to break immediately).

Piper Steen (Santa Barbare City College)

To Romy Steen, I leave to you the burden of having to live up to the Steen name. Kidding. I leave you with all the love in the world. I am so proud of you and am so excited to watch you grow. 

To Casey, Addy, & Sexus, I leave the theater department behind comfortably knowing that it is in good hands next year. I will miss your joint ability to always make me smile. 

To Mona, Saumya, & Hugo, I leave with you any fear that the theater department will run out of talent. All of you have such an incredible talent and I hope you utilize it in the coming years. 

Remi Grady-Mullen (Loyola University New Orleans)

George, I leave you with Solbakkens advisory, 22nd Ave, being chronically late to first period, and most importantly, bullying Dom and Joe. 

Anneka, I leave holding choir together. 

To Rees, I leave bothering Saunders,

And to Saunders, I leave bothering Rees.

Remi & Kennedy Greenfelder

To Alexis, Dre, & Sylvan, we leave forcing each other to finish your work, passing grades, and tutoring positions as seniors. We hope you take it upon yourselves to make Rees’ job as hard as possible. We love you so much and can’t wait to see you thrive and come find us in Chicago and NOLA.

Ricco Graves III (George Fox University)

To Mason Bennett, I leave you with the goal of you going to ASU on a full ride scholarship. Keep grinding and God finna work the rest out.

Summayah Said

To Rara and Vivian

I am super grateful for all your help and support when planning the purple and white pep rally. I am truly going to miss you, that is why I give you all the stress and fun of planning all future assemblies and pep rallies. I know you guys will do amazing and make some memorable assemblies/pep rallies. 

To Maddy MS

I love you so much, and I wish we could have swam together for a longer time. I am going to miss you so so so much, and I am so excited to see what you do for the rest of your Highschool experience. And with that I want to leave you our little swim cheer squad. I know you’re going to help bring smiles to everyone’s face along with bringing some joy to everyone’s swim meet experiences, whether that be during the girls swim team or managing the boys team. I will always have your back. 

Tia Lam (Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art)

To Dahlia, I leave you my Messenger pitches, architecture club crits, CSA chaos, and exploding toilets. Congrats on becoming Tia 2.0.

Zoe, good luck in senior assassin, you’re an expert now. Keep the McGilvra spirit!

To Kelan: manifesting college acceptances. You deserve it. Just stay under word count.

To Maia, Jackie, Sammy, Angelina, Brianna, Arush, Calista, Jenny, & Melody: y’all inherit last-minute CSA presentations and APISU bs.

Good luck and goodbye.

TJ Elbert (Gonzaga University)

To my brother Joe Palen I leave you the smell of the boys locker room and the cold sun of spring.

To my other brother Theo Elbert I leave you my grades in hope yours will be better.

Tobi Engan (Western Washington University)

To Anais, I leave you with a bracelet I made for you, please wear it as much or as little as you’d like.

To my other non senior friends I’ve made a bunch of origami cranes, butterflies, and paper stars around the school, have fun finding them <3

Virginia Buckley (Reed College)

To Louise and Enzo, I leave you improv, you’ll do a great job leading it next year! To Maya I leave our book obsessions, pass the torch and get an underclassman to read the raven cycle in my honor 🙂

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