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Bravo Seattle School District

Thank you Seattle School Board, for thinking critically about the effect on Garfield students of kidnapping one of our teachers. Thank you for the display of democracy at work that could be observed at the most recent school board meeting.The process could be seen working with many flaws and angry citizens present with endless complaints, what a great opportunity for students to learn about the government they live in. And during the allotted time to be angry with the school board, only 25 people could present their concerns and none of them were from Garfield, thank you for making it possible for all people with concerns to present their thoughts to you. Thank you for making it apparent that schools are not a place for learning, but rather just another place where old people fight over money and budgets. The education of the next generation may have little real effect on each you all because all of you have wrinkles on your wrinkles but for the students of today and of the future we must learn so that we can come up with solutions to all of the problems that you created. Also by the way, congratulations on the genius plan to only steal a teacher halfway through the year, it seems almost as great as the idea of stealing a teacher two months into the year. Once more, many thanks in this season of thankfulness, giving, receiving, and joy, your actions have reminded all of us of the beauty of human nature and that there are still good, honest people left in the world.

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Bravo Seattle School District