Cookie Clash

Ranking the Top 5 Most Popular Girl Scout Cookies.


With Girl Scout Cookie season now upon us, the age-old debate over the best cookie has been reignited once again. Some swear by Samoas, with their caramelly crunch and hints of coconut, while others stand by thin mints because of their versatility. According to the sales data, the five most sold Girl Scout cookies are Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Adventurfuls, and Do-si-dos. Today the debate ends with the official Messenger taste test and ranking of the top five most sold Girl Scout cookies.

5. Do-si-dos
If you’re a peanut butter fan like I am, expectations for the Do-si-dos cookie are set high. They consist of two crunchy oatmeal cookies with peanut butter filling inside. From the first bite, you will notice the extremely dry texture of this cookie; every bite felt like it needed a sip of water to accompany it. The two oatmeal cookies on the outside taste good but have nothing that makes them special. They taste more like a peanut butter sandwich than a Girl Scout cookie, so if you like peanut butter sandwiches this could be the cookie for you. It’s safe to say, the Do-si-dos failed all expectations and were underwhelming.

4. Adventurefuls
Adventurefuls are made up of brownies on the outside with caramel-flavored creme on the inside accompanied by a hint of sea salt. This all sounds great on paper, but it fails to execute, taking the same fate as the Do-si-dos. The outside brownies are dry and crumbly, and the caramel in the middle is barely tastable. It is advertised to have a hint of sea salt in it, but the sea salt was nowhere to be found. While it does have a chocolaty flavor, which sets it apart from the Do-si-dos, it fails to impress and is better off left unbought.
3. Samoas
Samoas are many people’s number one choice, but I have to rank it at number three sheerly because other cookies on this list go above and beyond with taste. There is nothing wrong with Samoas as they have a perfectly crispy outside with caramel flavoring. The hints of coconut and drizzle of chocolate on top perfectly complement the cookie and add a special flare that other cookies lack. Overall, every element in this cookie is great, there are just better options.

2. Tagalongs
Tagalongs fall just short of number one but put up a good fight. The outside coating of chocolate allows for a great crunch when taking a bite. Then, on the inside, you get a mouth full of smooth peanut butter that goes with the chocolate perfectly. Tagalongs offer peanut butter and chocolate lovers the best of both worlds as they complement each other perfectly in this cookie. The next time you go shopping, Tagalongs should be on the list.

1. Thin Mints
Taking the number one spot in the rankings are the Thin Mints! The pure versatility of the cookie makes it better than the rest. Thin Mints can be eaten by its-self as a dessert or snack as well as being the perfect topping on ice cream. The cookie has a chocolate-covered layer, and inside it is composed of crunchy chocolate with a minty hint. This minty hint is what really separates it from the rest; it is subtle and makes it complete.