The Garfield Messenger

Art by Molly Chapin

The Chelan Bit-Rush

Ben Thomas and Griffin Hintze May 8, 2021

Chelan County is quietly becoming the latest region to go through a peculiar and highly specific trend: closing down its aluminum factories and opening up bitcoin mines in their place.  Why?  What...

Art by Izzy Wang

An Escalating Affair

Riley Perteet-Cantu May 8, 2021

“I’ll catch you later, James,” Sophie said as she departed, “I hope you get a class with that old friend of yours!” she chided sarcastically. James waved and feigned throwing up at the sheer...

Photo courtesy of Riley Perteet-Cantu

The Garfield Debate Team Goes To The Biggest Debate Tournament Of Them All

Riley Perteet-Cantu May 8, 2021

Two members of the Garfield Debate Team made GHS history when they virtually competed in the biggest national high school policy debate tournament early this April. Their attendance being made possible...

Art by Kien-Binh Vo

Undercover Officers in Asian-American Communities

Alwin Ma May 8, 2021

Imagine yourself, taking a walk outside with your dog, when suddenly someone hits you in the head, pushes you, and starts yelling racial slurs at you. In the past year, experiences like these were happening...

Photo by Lakelle Bridges

Defang Spang

S. Avalon Leonard May 8, 2021

When you ask someone what they first think of when recalling their Garfield experience, they may have a couple different answers.  They might think of the many sports and clubs that Garfield exceeds...

Art by Izzy Wang

The Internalized Divide

Izzy Lamola May 8, 2021

Ask yourself: what is your classroom really like? Is it a welcoming environment that encourages peer support and vulnerability? Or is it full of judgment and hostility towards making mistakes? For students...

News Briefs

Kien-Binh Vo, Staff May 8, 2021

Meme is worth $490,000 as an NFT With the current rise of NFT’s, or Non-Fungible Tokens, many digital artists and influencers are able to sell ownership of digital media as a form of cryptocurrency....

By Nhu Tat

The Objectified History of the Female Pop Industry

Liana Moore May 7, 2021

Discussing the disparities between men and women in the music industry are a priority in today's society. More specifically, talking about the degradation of women in the industry. Often their music references...

Art by Ilah Walker

America’s Boba Shortage

Tyrail Minor, Staff May 7, 2021

 Tapioca pearls in milk tea have become a fan favorite for adults and young people alike. First developed in Taiwan by Liu Han-Chien in the 1980’s and becoming popularized in the 2000's in the United...

Taliah Johnson, a GHS transgender athlete

Trans Women in Sports

Kai Vennemann, Staff May 7, 2021

In recent months, many states have pushed forth bills restricting the rights of transgender women to partake in high school and college women’s sports. One example of this is the “Mississippi Fairness...

Black and Blue

Simone Cielos May 7, 2021

Years of oppression do not lie to the face of the oppressed, nor does the memory fade from a traumatized mind. The police are not just a weapon of the government, knocking any heads that rise up. They...

Illustrated by Molly Chapin

Back to 400 23rd Ave

Lizzie Carroll, Audrey Abrahams, and Nhu Tat May 6, 2021

Beginning April 19th, all Washington schools were required to offer a hybrid learning schedule to K-12 students. The sudden transition from fully online to partially in-person classes brings definite pros...

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