The Garfield Messenger

By Nhu Tat

Pixelated P.E.

Nikita Landfield, Staff October 30, 2020

As students continue further into the school year at Garfield, more obstacles are being met by students and teachers. The prospect of fair tests is being challenged, many science labs aren’t available,...

Art By Kien-Binh Vo

Seahawks Historic Season Start

Julia Wartman October 30, 2020

The Seattle Seahawks’ start to their 2020 season is nothing short of historic. With all of the first five games won, this season is looking like a strong one for the Seahawks. They are one of the only...

Art By Molly Chapin

NBA/WNBA Championship Finals

Lakelle Bridges October 30, 2020

Watching professional sports is one of America’s favorite pastimes. A 73 year old legacy, the NBA’s annual championship series has left a huge impact on all its viewers and basketball fans. When the...

Art By Kien-Binh Vo

The G.O.A.T debate

Zac Meyer October 30, 2020

Two weeks ago, Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat 4-2 in a best of seven series in the NBA Finals, capping off one of the most dominant playoff runs in modern NBA history. This...

Medgar Evers Pool, home of the Garfield swim teams.

Swim Team Preview

Oliver Hyman, Staff October 30, 2020

The Garfield swim team is hopeful they will be able to participate in a season despite many other sports being canceled due to high COVID risks. High school sports all across Washington have taken a...

Cross Country Preview

Kien-Binh Vo, Staff October 30, 2020

Garfield’s cross country team is off to a strong start this year, with new head coach Kangas leading the way. Although the official season starts in March, runners have been participating in pre-season...

By Zachary Meyer

Sports and Covid

Izzy Lamola, Staff October 30, 2020

With COVID-19 altering all parts of today's society, sports seem like the hardest thing to control. This year there still seems to be some amount of hope for high school sports to return. COVID isn’t...

Graphics by Nhu Tat

Coronavirus and College

Griffin Hintze October 30, 2020

In an industry that already has experienced its fair share of controversy and problems, a difficult task has become even harder recently. As most aspects of society have had to adjust to the new COVID...

Art by Kien-Binh Vo

Clubs in the Time of Corona

Lizzie Carroll October 30, 2020

Everyone feels uneasy about starting the school year remotely, especially new students and freshmen who haven’t had the chance to connect with their peers yet. But Garfield’s diverse array of clubs...

Hubie Halloween: the Return of the Sandman

Nat Beaumon October 30, 2020

Hubie Halloween, a Netflix original released earlier this month, is Adam Sandler’s latest blockbuster comedy, and is the first movie he’s acted in after starring in Uncut Gems, the critically acclaimed...

Art By Molly Chapin

Performing for the Camera

Maya Shelton October 29, 2020

Enormous velvet curtains swing open to reveal a stunning scene as silence fills the room. Actors in elaborate costumes sing and dance their way across the stage. Lights flash, music booms, and wonder alights...

Art by Molly Chapin

Questions Arise at Garfield

Adam Friesz, Newsie October 29, 2020

Mystery, intrigue, danger, and confusion. All far from the realm of my previous newspaper topic. All far from what I thought could be happening at any school, let alone my own.  Two weeks ago I came...

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