Questions Arise at Garfield

From closed door corruption to the evil incarnate. This shocking new investigative piece explores it all and more.


Art by Molly Chapin

Mystery, intrigue, danger, and confusion. All far from the realm of my previous newspaper topic. All far from what I thought could be happening at any school, let alone my own. 

Two weeks ago I came to Garfield to interview teachers starting the year from their classrooms. When I walked in I came upon two people talking. Principal Shareef and a hidden silhouette obscured behind a Doric pillar, a train of conversation evident. Two gloved hands making powerful articulating gestures. The rattling recapitulation, and all I heard, before being hurriedly swept outside: a dark and cavernous echo professing, “-we both know who runs this school.” 

I sat contemplating; home hours later seated before my fireplace pining for the elixir of clarity. A strange sensation enveloped me, an amorphous ooze leaving behind a crackling carcass where I had once been. The fire had been smothered with an abundance of fuel, but the struggling embers fought for one last push. A story had been bequeathed to me, it was my duty to follow it. So, with a pantheon of dust powdered archaeologists present in a choir-like array encouraging, I dug.

Exploited misanthropes and gargantuan and sinister gargoyles of doom. Who was this calculated puppet master, this overseer of candelabra-like entities? This isn’t just about current administration, this is about the fabric of Garfield throughout its existence and its ripples across the nation. Sources range from the Seattle Times, to current teachers, students and parents. A Garfield alum now at the center of national politics, New York and Seattle business magnates, and a gloved maestro conducting it all. I turn to you now; you must remain aware and observe your surroundings. For those who aim to stay hidden fear purely our keenness of mind. This is only beginning more is yet to come.