Fall Sports in Full Swing!

The first semi-normal sports season

The dogs have been let out of the pound and they are tearing up the Metro League. As the fall season comes to a close, let’s look at the stats that came from this first semi-normal season for the Bulldogs, what to look forward to in the future, and where to stay updated on the latest in Bulldog sports.

Kicking things off is the girls soccer team! They stand with two wins, five losses, and one tie in a riveting game against Lincoln. 

Up next, the volleyball team served up competition! They are going into the metro leagues standing with five wins and eight losses.

Girls swim certainly made a splash this season! They stand with five wins, only losing to one team-that being Lakeside! It’s safe to say that even though many are left wondering who it was that threw up in the pool, no one is left wondering about their talent. Fantastic job bullfrogs!

Running along to the cross country teams! Their first meet placed the boys team in fourth place and their girls team in third. In their second meet, the boys team took first place with a respectable margin. The girls took second and lost by only one point! In the third meet, both the boys and girls teams both secured third place. They even took the team all the way to metros, where the boys team took tenth place and the girls team took eleventh. 

Golf is in full swing! The boys team’s winning percentage was four wins, one loss and one tie. The girls team has five wins and five losses. 

Last but not least, the football team! Football ended out the season with a winning record, standing with a total of five wins and three losses. 

For the most up to date and reliable information about Garfield sports, head to https://www.bulldogsportsjournal.com/. Jack Jassy, the publisher and creator of the BDSJ, began building the website in spring 2020, publishing it in midwinter 2021. Jassy talked about this strange new version of fall sports, as well as his experience providing coverage of some of Garfield’s less popular sports. ”You can definitely see the passion the Garfield students have for sports,” Jassy continued, “I haven’t seen this sort of crowd [in all the years] I’ve been here.” 

As we move forward into the winter sports season, bulldogs all around school are wondering how best to show support to all of our teams going forward despite classes picking up. Jassy encourages people to look to the Bulldog Sports Journal website or Instagram saying, “Even if people aren’t at whatever match or game, they’ll see the score and [they could] repost scores.” He pointed to creating awareness as the best way to show support for teams going forward.

Art sourced from The Noun Project