Softball Preview

A look into the Spring softball season and how the team creates an ideal environment.


Garfield’s softball team, photo courtesy of Ken Simpson

After Seattle Public Schools restarted athletics and adjusted the seasons during which teams could compete, a new group of Garfield sports teams began their spring season, including the softball team. 2019 was the last time Garfield saw the softball team play and this year they have regrouped to create a fun and positive environment after winning State.

Like other athletic teams, their season will be shorter than usual, and they will compete in fewer games. With the intent of limiting COVID-19 exposure, the softball team will play in a bubble of schools from the southern side of Seattle. 

Returning Coach Ken Simpson wants to make the most of this short season, entering with many hopes. “Two years ago, we set out to win State. This year the goals are much different as we focus on teaching skills to new players, having fun and socializing after a year of COVID, and competing. I hope every player leaves feeling like it was a great experience,” Simpson said.

One significant component of this year’s team is that many players will be playing for their first time. “I hope we can have a fun, short season and see tremendous growth in the skills of our players new to softball,” Simpson said.

Freshman Isabel Dain, a new softball right fielder, shared her thoughts about the season. “The teamwork and camaraderie are special. Everyone shows up and contributes a lot of positive energy.”

 “I’m looking forward to playing games and seeing the team get better through the season,” Dain said.

Sophomore Imogene Ostrom is also a new player on this Garfield team who just began playing softball. “We all get along super well and are constantly cheering each other on,” Ostrom commented on the team atmosphere. “The more experienced players do a good job of helping out us newbies.” 

Kahrissa Marin is a junior who has been on the team since her freshman year. “A lot of the girls are really energetic and eager to play and improve themselves so I think it’s a big strength we have,” Marin said. “I do want to just improve as a team player and push myself this season as much as I can.”

It is apparent that the players and coaches of this team have created a supportive and spirited environment by uplifting each other and focusing on their own development, a combination that is bound to lead them to success.