Cringe-Worthy Chronicles

Online-school stories that could have happened to you.


“There was this one time when I participated in a local nonprofit group within walking distance of my house. I’ve been going there for almost my whole life and now I help them with actual planning and events. So, before going to a meeting with my nonprofit group I was on a call with my friends and what we did was put funny usernames as our zoom names because… why not? But then I forgot to change the name before coming into my group meeting. And yeah- i accidentally came in as kikicrazypants… but you know what? It’s fine because i’m confident, like that’s my whole vibe and personality. But like-girl, it wasn’t good…” – Kiana G. 


“One time I had to schedule a one on one meeting with my teacher. So being the phenomenal student I am, I scheduled it. And once it was my turn I entered the meeting but realized that there were still people there… I’ve been in there for a fat minute but I didn’t want to interrupt my teacher while she was talking so I decided to just text a meme in the chat cause knowing my teacher, she’s pretty cool with my humor. But then the second I pressed send I realized that there were 105 other people in that meeting which was… quite embarrassing considering the out of context image I sent.” – Liana M.

Shower During Class

“During an elective that will not be named, I joined a breakout room with one other person in it. I unmuted to ask them if they knew what we were supposed to be doing, but was responded with a few seconds of radio silence until suddenly, the other person (who will also remain anonymous) unmuted. I instantly heard the thunderous roar of a shower in the background, and the person sheepishly admitted that they were showering during class, and that I should join back later after they were done. Imagine forgetting to turn off your video…” -Anonymous

Theater Karaoke

“In my theater class I started singing a TikTok song at full volume when my mic was on. Enough said. I didn’t realize until a few moments after because the class got so silent. Yes, it keeps me up at night.” -Grace C.

Microphone Grumbles

“During a summer class I was taking, I had my microphone on and had my laptop resting against my stomach. I realized after a few minutes that my stomach was grumbling uncontrollably and everyone heard it.” -ES

Video Production Slander

“In video production this year, someone said “this is so stupid” during an assignment and Mr. Pugh lectured the whole class about it. Ouch.” -Anonymous