Ready. Set. Go!

The womens 4×200 is ready for more.


Speeding down the track, relay teams skillfully pass their baton to one another while still trying to come out on top. Unlike other individual track events, the relay relies on effective teamwork for success.

At Garfield, the womens track and field team has some of the strongest student athletes in the entire school. Garfield has a long history of strong track athletes.

After placing at state last year, the women’s 4 by 200 meter event is primed for another successful season with teammates Jyotika Chung, Lyric Harris, Ella Parker, and Gemma Walker.

Aside from the relay, all of these athletes also take part in individual events from the 100 or 200 meter dash to the triple jump. Despite excelling in their individual events, the team relay holds a special place in their hearts.

“I think most of us would attest to the fact that we would rather get a first in the relay than any other event because it is better to do it together as a team,” Parker said.

Going into this season, the athletes are reflecting on their past and what they think they can accomplish this year.

“One of the cool things is that we know we have a relay coming back that can go to state,” Parker said. “Last year we were a wild card but this year we know we can place.”

Coming together as a group has proved to grow their abilities as individuals and as a team.

“As a relay, the more time you run together, the more stronger you get,” Harris said.

“I definitely think we are a stronger team [this year],” echoed Chung.

Compared to other relay groups, Garfield has an edge due to their strong bond as well as their athleticism.

“I feel like the reason we placed was because we are all so close,” Ella Parker said.

Compared to years before, this relay has a much stronger bond, free of drama, that allows them to run fast, have fun, and avoid conflict.

“The team before got away with it because they were so fast, but I think it started to show in their performance,” Harris said.

As a senior, Harris is excited to compete for Garfield and represent the school.

“It’s really nice to compete in something for Garfield and put on that jersey,” Harris said. “Even though it sounds really corny.”