Softball Sisters

Siblings make the softball team a family affair.


Playing on the same team as your sister may seem like a disaster waiting to happen, but for the Hughes and the Simpson sisters it could not be better.
Miquela and Gabbi Hughes have been playing together since little league.
“It is fun. We fight but it never gets in the way of playing,” Miquela said, a junior second baseman.
Similarly, sisters Kaia and Nicola Simpson enjoy playing softball together.
“It’s our first time since little league, it’s good!” younger sister Nicola, a freshman said.
Both juniors Kaia and Miquela have contributed greatly to the softball team’s success in the past two years through their dedication and passion for softball.
“I love softball season so much.” Miquela said.
Their sisterhood introduces another level of team building that cannot be found anywhere else.
“The team dynamic is so amazing, we laugh all the time and are always having fun together. I just love all the girls,” Miquela said.
“In sports it is easy to get wrapped up in individual play but Garfield softball does not have this problem,” Nicola said. “We don’t really play for ourselves, we play for each other.”
As a captain, Kaia has great respect and trust for her teammates.
“It’s not that hard [to be captain] because the team is so great. I just get to be proud of us and how far we have come,” Kaia said .
The team itself relies on their four core covenants: accountability, selflessness, bulldog fever, and relentlessness.
“Whether you’re having a good day or a bad day this is what as a team we need to do. Having these keeps our core connected,” Miquela said.
By adhering to such high standards the team can come together much easier.
“Everyone cares about each other and wants to see each other succeed. If you’re not having a good day I’ll be there to pick you up,” Nicola said.
Both Gabbi and Nicola are excited to contribute to the team’s future.
“If I can do anything to contribute to make a positive impact and to keep growing[…]then that’s really going to help us make a name for ourselves,” Nicola said.
Hoping to continue their winning record, the team is focusing on their day to day progress.
“We’re just taking it one game at a time…trusting our practice, our swings, the reps we’ve put in and going out there and executing,” Nicola said.