Westlake Mall Festivities

Westlake shopping center! Built in 1988. Makes the perfect place for Christmas pictures and activities! Westlake is a shopping center located in Downtown Seattle. In its earlier days, Westlake was a very busy and active place, with stores for everything. Nowadays Westlake is more of a landmark. Less come and goers and usually only active during the holidays. Like Christmas. And even then, people only attend for the events outside of the mall itself. Me and my colleague Jessica O. visited the mall this winter and captured a few pics. We went at around 5:30 pm, and it wasn’t too busy. Many people were taking pictures in front of the lights and Christmas figures, rather than inside the mall. We went inside the mall as well, and there were even less people on the inside, despite the fact that it was freezing outside. Many popular shops have been closed and replaced by the less popular shops. Which we assume is the reason for the shortage of people in the mall. Westlake has changed over the years, in more ways than one. Still a great place for last minute shopping and Christmas pics though.