Rant & Rave: Spring


Art by Molly Chapin



Spring means allergies

Walk outside and face your doom

All hail Claritin!



Spring is stupid if you’re an athiest who hates the rain. If you don’t celebrate Easter and don’t like basketball there’s basically nothing to look forward to except weather that changes at the drop of a hat and ruins your picnic. – AL 



Spring is the Friday of seasons. If that doesn’t make sense to you, just sit on it for a minute. Enough said. – AF


Spring is like summer but more pleasant and prettier. There’s warmer weather and longer days without sweaty summer heat. Pretty flowers start blooming, birds start chirping, bees start pollinating. Summer trees? Just green leaves. BORING. Fall trees? Balding. Winter Trees? Bald. Spring trees? Cherry blossoms! – NT