News Briefs

California synagogue shooting

On April 27th 2019, a neighborhood synagogue in San Diego was threatened by nineteen year old gunman named John Earnest. The synagogue where this event took place is the Chabad of Poway. On that tragic Saturday afternoon, a sixty seven year old churchgoing woman was murdered, and an additional three people sustained severe injuries during the event, including a fifty-seven year old rabbi, thirty-four year old man, and a woman whose age is not being specified by authorities. Law enforcement believes that this is a religious hate crime.

Robotics team creates a child’s wheelchair

Cillian Jackson of Farmington, Minnesota has a genetic condition similar to cerebral palsy that hampers his ability to walk and other motor functions. Cillian Jackson’s family couldn’t afford an electric wheelchair, so his father reached out to a group of people that he knew could get the job done: the Farmington high school robotics club. The robotics club agreed to build Cillian an electric wheelchair as a gift. On May 2nd, a month after the initial meetup, the family and the high school students reconvened to celebrate the electric wheelchair’s success.

Paris police probed

Body cams for law enforcement have become a controversial topic over the past three years. This past May Day, riot officers were placed under investigation after videos surfaced of these officers assaulting protesters in Paris. Body-cam footage has played a central part in this investigation. Many of the protesters fled to nearby hospitals and other safe havens to escape the terror in the streets. Law enforcement officials have condemned the behavior of the riot officers and have promised to continue the investigation to its fullest extent.