Next Year’s Budget Cuts

What’s going on with the budget deal for the 2019-2020 school year?

Last week, members of Garfield’s Building Leadership Team (BLT), figured out the budgeting for the next school year. This team is built up of various teachers, staff members, and student representatives, including our principal Mr. Howard.

With Lincoln High School opening in the 2019-2020 school year, it is predicted that considerably less students will be coming to Garfield. In addition, HCC (Highly Capable Cohort)  programs have developed in new schools across the district and many students will do running start or take online classes. This means that Garfield will receive almost $1.3 million less in funding than last year.

These meetings will try to form a model budget for next year to present to the district.

“This year is very difficult. We haven’t had a cut this bad in 15 years.” said Howard.

It is predicted that 15 or more staff members will be cut. Based on the reaction to losing just two beloved teachers at the beginning of the year, this loss will be devastating.

This is further complicated by the fact that often these firings follow a “first in, first out” basis which would mean many of the staff members who will be displaced are ones that were recently hired with the goal of creating a more diverse staff.

“We need staff more reflective of our student body” a faculty member said.

The team has weighed out multiple possible plans till they figure out the perfect plan with their limited resources. Who will be cut? What is at the best interest for the students? These are questions that the BLT is forced to answer. Staff will be voting tomorrow (as this issue comes to print).

Whatever decision is finalised, it will compromise others needs and “impact us wholeheartedly” said Howard.

We will have more detailed information on the funding plan in the next issue.