International News Briefing


Art by Simone Cielos

Muslim Internment Camps

The Chinese government has detained hundreds of thousands of Uighurs, a group of Turkish peoples and other ethnic groups who are majority Muslim, in hidden camps in the Xinjiang region of China. These camps are being called “re-education camps” by the Chinese government who have denied any accusation of internment camps saying these are “vocational schools” which are used to counter “terrorism and religious extremism”. Allegedly, these camps attempt to eradicate the Muslim faith and diminish Islamic culture.

Venezuela Crisis

Venezuela has been described as a “country coming apart at the seams” under significant political and economic pressure, according to American journalist David Ariosto. Under the current Venezuelan president, Nicolas Mauro, Venezuela is experiencing a national food shortage with violent riots breaking out across the country. The second election of Maduro was seen as an unconstitutional, mandating the leader of the National Assembly to take position as president. Juan Guaido then took the presidency position on January 23rd, This national crisis has led to over three million Venezuelans taking refuge in other countries since 2014.

Fight for Equal Marriage Rights in Japan

Thirteen same-sex couples have filed a lawsuit against the Japanese government after being denied marriage rights with the goal to achieve equal marital rights for all of Japan. Identifying as LGBTQ+ is not nationally accepted under law and same sex couples have to to enact “partnership” ordinances as the Japanese law only allows marriage between a man and woman.

Brexit Update

Brexit, which refers to the process of the United Kingdom pulling out of the European Union (EU), has been approved to take place on March 29, 2019. Right now, British officials­—significantly prime minister Theresa May—are trying to negotiate a deal concerning the borders between the country and the EU. In the last two and a half years since Brexit was voted on, major companies are moving out of Britain and the value of the pound has dropped by fourteen percent. When, and if, Brexit goes through here are worries of trade delays, economic decline, and empty shelves across Britain.