Jeffy’s Photo Tricks

Photo tricks to improve your shots

Here are two photo tricks to easily improve your shots.

Photo by Jefferson Ashby


















1. Macro lens

-You will need:
A camera with
interchangeable lenses
-Something small to photograph

Macro lenses allow you to take pictures of very small subjects, but often have a high price tag. You can make one cheaply with almost any lens. First, remove your lens from the body. Then, flip the lens so the front faces the sensor and the back faces the subject. Lastly, move in and out to find the focus and take the shot. Be careful not to get dust on the back of your lens or on your sensor when you do this.

Photo by Jefferson Ashby


















2. Beanbag

You will need:
-A ziplock bag -Dry beans, rice, gravel, etc…
-Any camera or phone

In order to take photos in the dark, with a long exposure, or of yourself, you probably need a tripod. This is an easy, portable tripod that is really cheap to create. Start by filling your bag with beans, and then… that’s it. Now you can use it to prop up and hold your camera or phone.