Election Wrap Up

Durkan is Seattle’s Next Mayor

Former U.S attorney Jenny Durkan beat out urban planner Cary Moon in the Seattle mayoral election to become the city’s first female mayor since 1926. Durkan led by 61% of the vote in Tuesday night returns. Moon did not immediately concede, as she believed late returns would help close the margin. However, later votes also went in Durkan’s favor. Durkan will take office November 28th.

Transgender Woman wins Virginia House Seat

Former journalist and democratic candidate Danica Roem defeated incumbent Republican Bob Marshall, a fervent anti-LGBTQ lawmaker. Roem will be the first transgender person to serve in the House of Delegates. Although Roem was forward about her gender identity when campaigning, she mainly focused on education, jobs, and traffic congestion.

Democrats Win Key Races

Democrats won crucial gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey, giving the current minority party in Congress a much needed boost before the 2018 midterm elections. The election tested the Democrats’ ability to succeed in the midst of the Trump administration