Dance & Rhythm Class

Dance & Rhythm Class

Ivy Page-Salisbury

September 26, 2014

A typical class begins slowly. Students trickle in through the wide double doors, some already in their workout clothes and some rushing off to change. Girls say hello to each other, squeeze some last minute texting in, and more than a few begin stretching. A couple minutes after the bell rings, they... READ MORE »


  • Dance & Rhythm Class

    Dance & Rhythm Class

  • Super Fans

    Super Fans

  • Turning Over a New Leaf

    Turning Over a New Leaf

  • Realistic Expectations

    The life of a Seattle Mariners fan is the life of a loser. Years and years of losing leads fans to discouragement; in each of the past three years, th...

  • Spring Recap

    Garfield sports for the 2013-2014 school year have come to a close, but not without a few highlights. The basketball team captured Garfield a state ti...

  • Carmayzing Grace

    Deep within the dark halls of Garfield High School, there is a bright office that has been changing athletes’ careers for years. The athletic traine...

  • Dazed and Confused

    The soft drone of the air conditioner was just audible above the street noise, and as I sunk into the pea-green recliner I let the pleasant cacophony ...

  • Consistent Disappointment

    South Africa 2010. 0-0 tie game. 91st minute. Tim Howard hurls the ball to an open Jozy Altidore streaking downfield. Only a win will get the U.S. to ...

  • No Love For the Home Team

    No Love For the Home Team

  • D-1 Bound

    Marianna White - Crew - University of Pennsylvania A late recruit, White said she made her decision because “I hadn’t done a lot of work getting ...

  • Madness Ensues

    Madness Ensues

  • The Death of Baseball

    Eighteen minutes. That’s the amount of action time in an average baseball game, per a Wall Street Journal study. The rest of the time is players sta...

  • Player of the Issue: Juanita Agosto

    While many Garfield students associate the name “Agosto” with Jashaun, the sophomore basketball star, there is a new Agosto making her mark on Gar...

  • Advertising sex in sports

    The following headline was featured in Health Magazine, shortly before alpine skier Julia Mancuso won a Sochi bronze medal in the super-combined event...

  • Expectations high, success unknown

    Three words summarize the same pattern Sounders FC has experienced each season since being brought into Major League Soccer in 2009: hope, potential, ...

  • Seven Sochi Spectacles

    With the Opening Ceremonies of the Sochi Games tonight, this iteration of the Winter Olympics will include seven new sports. 1. Women’s Ski Jumpi...

  • Let the Rivalries Commence

    Garfield, Roosevelt, and Ballard are rturning to 3A next season, according to Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA). The transition...

  • Player of the Issue

    At six feet three inches, you’d probably never guess he’s a freshman, but Jaylen Nowell is not only one of the youngest players on Garfield’s va...

  • On Top of the World

    The word “championship” doesn’t come up all that often in Seattle sports. In fact, Seattle is usually the forgotten city in the corner of Ame...

  • Head Bangers

    Week 12 of the NFL season, Le’veon Bell was hit in the helmet twice before his helmet flew off, and his head snapped back to collide with the ground...


Our Way on the Fairway

Our Way on the Fairway

Caleb Stocker

When one looks through last year’s yearbook, whether thoroughly examining each page or flipping through the contents, they are most undoubtedly going to stop turning pages...  Read More »

September 26, 2014

Watch Out World, Here They Come!

September 26, 2014

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Love Advice With Doctor Sydney

September 26, 2014

What People Earn

May 16, 2014

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From Ferguson to Garfield

Dagmawit Kemal

To some it was an average summer day in the middle of August, but to many Seattleites it was time to march from Downtown Seattle into the rest of the city to protest the killing of Michael Brown. Four Garfield seniors were among the ranks, chanting “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” and holding...  Read More »

September 29, 2014


Exchange Students

September 26, 2014

No Hazing (Actually Some Hazing)

September 26, 2014

#Black Lives Matter

September 26, 2014

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