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Capture the Flag (Football)

Capture the Flag (Football)

Tia Lam (she/her) January 19, 2024

As temperatures fall, a small but determined group of  bulldogs are braving the cold to participate in Garfield’s second flag football season. Garfield had its inaugural  season last year, playing...

Y-E-L-L Bulldogs Yell!

Y-E-L-L Bulldogs Yell!

Addie McLaughlin January 19, 2024

When most people think of cheerleaders, they think of the ditzy, cliquey, over-sexualized girls that are often portrayed in popular media. They’re usually supporting characters or show up in the background...

Not Today Netflix!

Not Today Netflix!

Joelle Rudolf (she/they) January 19, 2024

At the end of a long day, nothing feels better than cozying up in a warm blanket, turning on the tube, and impatiently waiting for Ross and Rachel to admit they still have feelings for each other. However,...

Blocking Out the Superblock

Blocking Out the Superblock

Taz Nunn and Lily Porter January 19, 2024

Early in 2025, construction will begin on the Garfield Super Block: a community-, culture-, and art-focused renovation of the block, north of Garfield High School. The revamp will include accessible pathways,...

By Maeve McArdle

Leagues of Their Own

Jordana King (she/her), writer January 19, 2024

The first women’s professional sports league was founded in 1943. For the next eighty years female athletes fought to be equally represented in the male-dominated sports industry until in 2023, the world...

Symbols of Palestine Resistance

Watermelon Artists and civilians use the native Palestinian fruit watermelon, which shares the colors of the Palestine Flag, as a form of protest. In 1967 the Palestine flag was banned in Israel, including...

Epic Fail

Al Feigin January 19, 2024

It’s all about money these days, no matter the cost. Despite its remote location even skiing isn’t immune to the cold hands of corporatization.    In 2008, Vail Resorts released the Epic...

Wok Dont Run

Wok Don’t Run

Seán Kelleher (He/Him) January 19, 2024

  Wok Racing Some winter sports have to be seen to be believed. Such is the case with Wok Racing. Every year, athletes, TV personalities, and other minor celebrities meet in Germany at the annual...

Love Advice from Dr. Yunita Hotte

Sela Harrison (she/her) January 19, 2024

The Messenger presents advice from Garfield alum and expert of romantic psychology, Dr. Yunita Hotte. As a gift to the Garfield community, Dr. Hotte offers her guidance to Garfield students. Dear Doctor...

Queer People Pee Too

Queer People Pee Too

Salem Bill (he/him) and Jae Kinskey (They/He) January 19, 2024

Recently, students may have noticed that the girl's bathroom on the second floor, across the hall from Mr. Firman, Mr, Z, Ms. Young, and Mr. Lovre’s rooms now has a gender-neutral sign on it. Students...

Caring Clubs Create Closets

Maeve McArdle (she/her) January 19, 2024

This chilly winter, Garfield’s Asian Pacific Islander Student Union (APISU) and many other clubs organized a winter gear and necessities drive here at school that started on Thursday, January 11. The...

Graphic by Violet Pody

Phone Bad?

Violet Pody January 19, 2024

As second-semester approaches, some teachers are turning to stricter phone policies to crack down on excessive in-class phone use. Along with fellow Garfield teachers Ms. Savoie and Mr. Gish, Mr. Lovre...

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