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The Garfield Messenger

The student news source of Garfield High School

The Garfield Messenger

The student news source of Garfield High School

The Garfield Messenger

Art by Ria Maisano-Torres

Get Psyched for Psych!

Benjamin Thomas, Staff Writer January 21, 2021
Three years, two petitions, and one finalized class—establishing Garfield’s psychology elective has been an odyssey that most of the signees, including Class 2020 Secretary Linda Phan, the class’ loudest advocate, didn’t get to see. However, the product is well worth the wait.
Art by Kien-Binh Vo

Students Lack Exercise During Online Learning

Alwin Ma January 21, 2021

Being stuck inside for almost a year has been hard on everyone. Sitting on your couch doom scrolling on your phone every day gets pretty boring; you tend to lose interest in some things. With the concept...

Art by Molly Chapin

Cyberflunk 2077

Nat Beaumon, Staff January 21, 2021
CD Projekt Red proves that it's never too late to under-deliver.
By Howie Kussoy

March Madness Preview

Zac Meyer January 21, 2021

Like many other sporting events in 2020, March Madness was canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, after leagues such as the NBA, MLB, and NHL proved that holding a successful season was possible,...

Art by Molly Chapin

Social Justice and Sports

Griffin Hintze January 21, 2021

When former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick first took a knee during the national anthem before an NFL game in 2016, he faced immense criticism and was forced out of the league shortly...

Art by Kien-Binh Vo

Soul Movie Review

Lakelle Bridges January 21, 2021

Disney-Pixar’s Soul is a brilliantly inspiring film that takes its viewers on a journey towards self-discovery and purpose. The film is a reminder to live in the present while we still can, and could...

Nate Korahais

Mirroring Munch

Audrey Abrahams and Maya Shelton January 21, 2021

This January, Garfield’s Advanced photography students had the opportunity to have their work exhibited at the National Nordic Museum in Ballard. The students created self portraits, inspired by...

Author: Nabeel Syed

Political Humor

Autumn Henson, Staff January 21, 2021

People between the ages of six and twenty-four–also referred to as Generation Z–were born into an unprecedented time: the Century of Conflict had all but ended, the Internet established itself as a...

Art by Kien-Binh Vo

What Do We Say Now?

Matt Lord January 21, 2021

With the January 6th riots on the minds of every student and teacher the Thursday after it happened, teachers couldn’t just continue their curriculum as usual. The insurrection at the Capitol left many...

Art by Ria Maisano-Torres

A Tale of Two Holidays

Adam Friesz, Staff January 21, 2021

Where the lack of COVID-19 case increase following Thanksgiving gave hope for similar following of health recommendations and rules, recent data from the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) has...

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