Hitting the Big Screen

The most anticipated upcoming movie sequels.

Fast and Furious XI- Initially, Fast and Furious X was set to be the last of the series. To fans’ surprise, a follow up movie was announced last week. Dominic Toretto will venture on a quest through time to save his deceased family members, and go to extreme measures to do so. Vin Diesel assures his fans that the eleventh rendition of Fast and Furious is not just a money-making scheme, “It’s an intricate story of family and adventure.” Sound familiar? Maybe we’ll get to see Dwayne Johnson driving a time machine through the Jurassic Era. At this point, nothing surprises dedicated fans of F&F.

Home Alone 5-  Macaulay Culkin reprises his role as Kevin McCallister in the latest sequel to Home Alone. But this time, he’s getting married– well, he’s supposed to. Kevin gets held up at his bachelor party and misses his flight to Hawaii for his destination wedding. He tries to get on another flight, but unfortunately they’re all full. When Kevin goes home, he is shocked to find two familiar faces trying to sneak in. Once again, he must set a series of intricate traps in order to prevent the antics of Harry and Marv. And oh, Kevin’s fiancé doesn’t realize he’s not there until she’s been left at the altar. 

Napoleon Dynamite 2- To everyone’s surprise but his own, Napoleon has reached multi-millionaire status. After Rico and Kip are arrested for initiating a ponzi scheme, Napoleon decides to take over their little “family business” of selling tupperware and breast enhancement products. With the millions he makes, Napoleon launches Pedro’s campaign for President of the United States.       

Ferris Bueller’s Month Off- A day wasn’t enough for him. Ferris decides that the outskirts of Chicago are confining him, so what does he do? He calls his best friend, Cameron, and tells him that they are taking his dad’s brand new Ferrari on a road trip across the country. Unfortunately, his sister is livid when she finds out what Ferris is up to and decides to interfere in her own creative ways. With his sister on his tail, can Ferris Bueller convince everyone he knows that he is violently ill for a month straight, or will he resort to new tactics?