No More Ugly Clothes!

Forecasting hot new fashion trends at Garfield.



The perfect accessory for TRUE dawgs. Whether it has spikes or hearts on it, it’s the perfect piece of jewelry for purple and white outfits this spring. Since everyone thinks their pet is the cutest, why not take some of their furry style and wear a matching dapper collar to spice it up. 

Face shields

 Coquette core is out and Covid core is in! It’s time to dig up old face shields because this clear chic plastic can go with absolutely everything. Being practical is this accessory’s middle name, while also having health benefits and being high fashion. With a little luck, it just might be possible to find an authentic vintage face shield all the way back from the pandemic days.

Capri Jeans

Recently rumors and jokes have been spread about capris coming back. But this isn’t any joke! Denim capris are the new sweatpants! The denim cutoff pants are a spring essential, and they are coming at the perfect time to complete a top tier spring wardrobe. It’s time to hit the gym Bulldogs, because these denim capris are ready to accentuate your calves!

Pop it shoes

The days of having to worry about forgetting a favorite Pop It at home will never happen again with new Pop It shoes! The calm popping sound while walking down the hallway will surely turn heads. With AP test season coming up these shoes will assure to keep one calm and collected and guarantee 5’s on all tests! 

Parachute jackets

Parachute pants have made their way around, but never parachute jackets. Until now! That dream of falling down the stairs is over with parachute jackets, just deploy the parachute and glide down to a safe landing. With many ‘fly’ shapes and styles, it’ll now be easy to blow the competition away.

Leash backpack

Well, this one isn’t a prediction but rather a new backpack requirement. For the 2023-24 school year all backpacks must have leashes attached because Dr. Hart has had enough of this rebellious behavior! Time to get shopping bulldogs, North Face backpacks are out, and leash backpacks are in!