Chilly Dawgs

A plunge into the benefits of cold immersion therapy and how to get started.


Imagine: It’s a Sunday morning, brain fog is running rampant and you’re feeling drained from an exuberant Saturday night. You have a pile of homework waiting to be completed but you’re lacking motivation. What’s one thing you can do to boost your energy and motivation levels? A COLD PLUNGE.

Cold plunges have gained a lot of traction recently, with many people preaching about the benefits of cold immersion therapy. But are they really as good for you as they are made out to be? The scientific evidence of cold immersion is extensive, with many people going to the extreme of putting their body under intense freezing temperatures to test the effects of the plunge. But if you’re not up for enduring extreme temperatures like Cold Expert Wim Hof, then a quick dip into Lake Washington will suffice in getting your cold immersion therapy in.

So what are these insane benefits from simply jumping into some cold water? Cold plunging can improve muscle recovery, cardiovascular circulation, and strengthen your immune system. Cold plunges can be a game changer for athletes who are looking for a way to tame that post-workout soreness. The plunges can help athletes recover quicker, trimming down their turnaround time and getting them playing a lot quicker. Apart from the physical benefits of it, there are a lot of mental benefits as well, such as increased production of mood-boosting hormones, neurotransmitters, and boosted energy levels.

Entering into the world of cold plunges can be daunting. Actually getting into the cold water can take some courage, but taking small steps to get there can make it more manageable. The best way to start is with cold showers, it’s a great way of getting into cold plunging and to start your morning feeling energized and awake. Then, once you’re ready you can move to submerging your body in a cold lake of your choosing. To reap the full benefits of the cold immersion, it is advised to do two to four sessions per week of a total time of eleven minutes, but honestly just one session of getting in the cold water is enough to make you feel accomplished. If you want to upgrade from the lake then you can find a cold tank at a gym or buy a cold plunge tub that you can keep at your home and will be much colder than the lake temperature.

You may be asking, where can I do these cold plunges? Well honestly anywhere there is water. Some good places to do it are beaches like Mount Baker Beach, Madrona Beach, Seward Park, Firedocks, the possibilities are endless. The best way to attack getting into the water is to wade in. You can also jump off a dock, but it’s more dangerous as it can send your body into shock. Wading in allows for your body to get used to it or you can just sprint into the water which is a nice middle ground.

So if you’re feeling up for the challenge, get out there and jump in the water!