Running Routes Refresh

Sponsored by Garfield Cross Country

Running. Some describe it as exhilarating, fulfilling, even fun! To most however, it is complete and utter misery. If you are one of those people, prepare to change your mind with these running routes, tested and approved by your very own Garfield cross-country kids. Don’t knock it till you try it. 

Arboretum Loop: Equipped with 16 benches for your mid-run breaks, the vibrant flora of the arboretum will bring out your inner peace. Want to get a short workout in? The arboretum is the perfect place to complete your 1k, 2k, and mile repeats. O joy! 

Seward Park Perimeter: Home to eagle nests and beautiful lake views, Seward park is a delightful spot for a 2.4-mile run! Just stick to the shoreline if you want a flat and easy course. When discussing the course, avid park enthusiast Jeremy Cogswell added, “ [compared to the arboretum] You won’t get muddy”.

Madison Street and Back: Get a taste of JV GXC culture with this iconic out-and-back. Starting at Garfield, and totaling up to two miles, this route will take you on an Indiana Jones adventure as you duck under the overhanging trees and soar over potholes. 

Skyline: I don’t even know… hit up your local cross-country kid for directions. 

Molly Moons Craze: You know what they say, there is no better post-run snack than ice cream! Just a mile away from the bulldog pound resides Molly Moons, home to overly-salted caramel and cinnamon-esque cookie dough ice cream. The perfect run to enjoy with a friend. 

Lake Washington Boulevard: Looking to run along sweaty road bikers in skin suits? Look no further than Lake Washington Boulevard. Starting at Madrona to Genesee Park, this route will take you alongside beautiful views of the lake; early birds get to see a magnificent sunrise. Feeling speedy? Race against the bikers.