Sledding Into Winter

Best sledding locations this winter season.

As Seattle’s temperatures begin to drop and winter takes hold, exciting seasonal activities are coming around the corner. Snowy weather gives the opportunity for sledding enthusiasts to have a round of fun. Here are the 4 top picks for sledding hills to make the most out of this winter season. 

East Roy Street – This long stretch of street is perfect for the adrenaline-junkie sledding fiends out there. Located in Capitol Hill, it is Seattle’s steepest block. There are a few different sections of the street you can go on, but if you start on 23rd and take the street down toward Washington Park, the sledding experience will be unmatched.

Rating – Length: 5/5 | Steepness: 4/5 | The Walk Back Up: Hard

East Lee Street – Located in Madison Park, this street is short but it makes up for it in its steep stature. Start at 39th Ave East and take the hill down. If you are looking for some fast and easily accessible sledding, then this is the hill for you.

Rating – Length: 3/5 | Steepness: 5/5 | The Walk Back Up: Easy

Dearborn Street – Dearborn Street, located in Leschi is a steep stretch of road that will leave you shaking in your boats. As it gets cold this road will be covered in ice, allowing for the perfect hill to test your sled abilities on. Beware sledders as it does lead right onto Lake Washington Boulevard, so don’t fly into the water!!

Rating – Length: 3/5 | Steepness: 4/5 | The Walk Back Up: Medium

Gas Works Park – An old  gas plant may not be the first place that comes to mind while searching for the perfect sledding hill, but you may want to give this place a shot. Sitting over the water, the 20-acre park features an endless array of hills– a sledder’s biggest dream. Regardless of your sledding background, this large expanse will provide you nothing short of an exhilarating experience.

Rating – Length: 3/5 | Steepness: 4/5 | The Walk Back Up: Easy