Lets workout!

Want to get started in the gym but don’t know where to start?


The gym is a place where many people go to get stronger, build their bodies, and stay healthy by being active. But getting started at the gym can be quite intimidating, as it’s hard to know where to start. Learning specifically which machines to use and what routines to follow can make your gym experience much less stressful. 


The first step in creating a structured routine is making a workout split. This means deciding which days, and in what order, you will target certain muscle groups. Many people alternate between doing mostly lower body exercises one day,and then the next doing chest and upper body exercises. There is also a difference in upper body days called push and pull days. Push days work the chest, shoulders and triceps, while pull days work the back and biceps. Routinely sticking to this schedule will help you work on all your body’s muscle groups. 


There are also many other factors that go into building your body other than just lifting and cardio. Eating habits are a huge component! Bulking and cutting is a popular method many people use to build muscle.

Bulking is when you eat a calorie surplus –  which means consuming more calories than you burn off. This puts your body into an anabolic state: a growth phase where new tissue can be made. 

This should be a controlled calorie surplus. It’s most important to eat protein, fat and a substantial amount of carbs. During the bulking stage, you should be lifting as heavy as possible, as this is the time to pack on muscle. Cutting is the term used for the process of going into a calorie deficit. This comes after the bulking process because with the muscle gain, there comes fat gain. You burn more calories than you consume, and change your workout routine to maximize exercises that get your heart rate up and burn the most amount of fat possible, while still holding onto new muscle.


Going to the gym, getting stronger, and staying active is great, but most of all, working out improves your mental health. According to Mayo Clinic, “regular exercise can help with depression and anxiety by releasing feel-good endorphins and other brain chemicals that enhance your sense of well-being.” Exercising also increases confidence, and has positive impacts on the mind. Physical activity is proven to increase body temperature, which allows you to fall asleep more quickly and enter a deeper sleeping cycle.  So many benefits from working out! Why not give it a try?