Favorite Snacks, Favorite Sports

All sports viewers are familiar with the mid-game snack cravings. Here are a few of the best.

A classic snack to fulfill your sodium cravings. The only disappointing part of eating this food is finding that a huge box is suddenly empty after sharing with friends and family. However, sharing with others almost compensates for the outstanding prices you will find at the concession stand.
Even though the concession stand nachos might not always be the best quality, they are the perfect snack to customize to your likings at home. Great for sharing with family and friends while you watch your favorite team compete.
The fastest disappearing food you will find. This pink and blue treat can also be used as a DIY edible pom-pom to cheer on your favorite team. Introducing this snack to Garfield sports events may be a great way to relieve any stress during intense moments in the game.
This snack is not only great to eat on your own, but also perfect to eat with friends. Bite-size pizza? So easy to make and so easy to finish! But the key to consuming this snack is patience — otherwise you might burn the roof of your mouth. So be careful!
The perfect snack for watching your favorite sport. Although these are not easy to obtain due to long lines, this hand held snack is easy to eat and easily makes the consumer happy.