A Quarter Down, Three to Go

Everything that happened in the first quarter.

Teacher Strike: The year started off strong, despite being delayed an extra week, as teachers went on strike in protest of decisions made by Seattle Public Schools. Their demands included more resources for students, better pay, and smaller class sizes. On September 14th, teachers and SPS came to an agreement and school began.


Student Handbook: A controversial student handbook was distributed during the first week of school. Entire class periods were dedicated to reading through these new regulations. Students had particularly strong feelings surrounding the new attendance, hall sweep, and parking policies.


Cafeteria food improves: The school cafeteria started to offer a variety of never-had-before lunch menus after SPS rolled out a plan to incorporate local chefs and fresh ingredients in schools’ culinary services.


Football is good for a second: Football secured the title of #1 team in the state, and managed to hold it until October 7th, when they lost to Eastside Catholic. Up to that point, they’d scored 40-50 points higher than most of their opponents. After that game, it was all downhill, as they lost to both Rainier Beach and O’Dea in their last two games of the season.


Second Half assembly: On Thursday, September 29th most people expected an ordinary school spirit assembly, but were instead met with a bizarre motivational speech led by former football player Keith Davis. Listeners were left conflicted by controversial comments and the disjointed narrative of his life story. There was some confusion on how someone bending a frying pan and injuring their back would help students get an A in school.


Bomb threat during SAT/PSAT: A misunderstanding that emerged at the summit assembly on the (P)SAT school day led to rumors about a bomb threat, and police became involved. Test-taking juniors and seniors were not interrupted, but lowerclassmen attending the assembly were evacuated onto the field.


Smoke: The air finally cleared up on Friday, October 21st after an abnormally long period of smoke-clouded air, a damaging consequence of raging wildfires across the region.


Homecoming Assembly: Unlike the previous assembly, this one had everyone stomping and cheering as any hype assembly should. The juniors took home wins in both four-square and the singing competition, while the sophomores won the balloon-popping relay… leaving the seniors less than pleased.


Night under the sea: The football team faced off against O’Dea for the homecoming game. Despite the rain and the game ending in a loss, the following dance held at the Seattle Aquarium went swimmingly.


Candle Incident: A candle makes an appearance at Garfield.


Sports advance to metros and playoffs: Volleyball, boys cross country, Phoebe Bryar from the girls cross country team, and girls swim and dive have advanced into metros. Girls soccer has progressed past the first stage in the playoffs for the first time in years. The girls golf team has qualified for districts.


College App deadlines: The very first deadlines roll around the corner for seniors applying to colleges.