Garfield Fantasy Football

America’s favorite spectator sport meets Garfield Highschool. Here are the top performers entering the Bulldogs season finale that need a spot on your roster.

 Qb Ej Caminong

Position rank- 1    Average Points- 21.31   % Rostered- 100

Season Stats (through week 5): Passing: 1,304 yds 11 TDs 2 INTs Rushing: 171 yds 3 TDs 

Total Points: 127.86

Spin: Caminong has been elite throughout the season as the Garfield offense has put together explosive, high scoring, high yardage games. Though the offense at times struggled against talented Eastside Catholic and Rainier Beach defenses, Jack Sundberg, editor of the Bulldogs Sports Journal believes Caminong has what it takes to come back stronger. “EJ has looked amazing this season…It is clear his hard work over the offseason has paid off nicely,” Sundberg said. In the Bulldogs biggest game of the season against a formidable Fighting Irish, Caminong projects to come up big.

Week 8 Projection: 21 points  


RB Reylen Witherspoon

Position Rank- 1   Average Points- 11.3   % Rostered- 100

Season Stats (through week 5): Rushing- 325 YDs  4 TDs  

Total Points: 56.5

Spin: Freshman Reylen Witherspoon made his highschool debut against Seattle Prep in the 3rd week of the season, and has since put together a string of impressive performances to become Garfield’s leading rusher. Sundberg describes Witherspoon as, “tenacious, breaking tackles and picking up yards after contact.” With 25% of the team’s carries and 4 TDs in his first 4 games, Witherspoon will look to continue his hot streak against the Irish.

Week 8 Projection: 8.5 points 


RB Tawaf Aboudou

Position Rank-2   Average Points- 8.8   % Rostered- 100

Season Stats (through week 5): Rushing- 227 YDs 3 TDs   Receiving- 1 Rec.  27 yds

Total Points: 43.97

Spin: When he’s not out winning track meets, junior Tawaf Aboudou also tends to put up big fantasy numbers. “Aboudou is a quick and agile back,” said Sundberg, “he has proven to be dangerous when the defense allows him to reach the outside edge.” Though Aboudou does not receive many touches per game, his explosive playmaking should lead to solid points.

Week 8 Projection: 9.3 points 


WR Jason Findlay

Position Rank- 1   Average Points- 13.08   % Rostered- 100

Season Stats (through week 5): Receiving- 13 Rec. 264 yds 3 TDs  Rushing- 20 yds 1 TD

Total Points: 65.4

Spin: Senior Jason Findlay plays an important role in Garfield’s fearsome receiving core. “Jason can cover ground quickly and can make moves to beat coverage at the line of scrimmage and create separation,” Sundberg said. If the Bulldog offense can get rolling, as one of Caminong’s favorite targets, Findlay projects to put up big numbers.

Week 8 Projection: 11.8 points 


WR Sejhe Jackson

Position Rank- 2   Average Points- 12   % Rostered- 100

Season Stats (through week 5): Receiving- 13 Rec. 290 yds 3 TDs 

 Total Points: 60

Spin: Despite 1st year wideout Sejhe Jackson battling injuries throughout the season, he has put up incredible numbers. According to Sundberg, “Sejhe is a great deep ball runner, making catches while keeping his stride. His physicality has led him to come down with catch after catch, even in close coverage.” If Jackson is healthy, he has the potential for a career game, even against a tough matchup.

Week 8 prediction: 14 points


Points Scoring Guide- 

Passing: 0.04 points per yard and 4 points per TD. -2 for an interception.

Rushing: .1 points per yard and 6 points per TD.

Receiving: 1 point per reception, .1 point per yard and 6 points per TD.