The Winter Waltz

Garfield’s chance to dance the night away.


By Nike Adejumobi

“Lights. Camera. Whimsy,” said Alice Berliant, Winter Waltz veteran, performer, and longtime fan. The Winter Waltz, A.K.A the Spring Waltz, is an annual themed dance, usually hosted at Benaroya Hall with this year’s theme being “Skating” (past themes include “Waltz of the Flowers” and “Masquerade”). 

The Waltz attracts all sorts of different people, from professional dancers to Garfield freshmen – regardless of dancing aptitude, everyone is invited and encouraged to get out on the dance floor. The evening is set to classical arrangements of iconic music pieces such as Blue Danube and Moon River, performed by the freshman class, concert, and symphony orchestras of Garfield. In fact, almost every part of the waltz is organized by students; from the carefully hand-crafted decorations to the enchanting music, Garfield students are behind it all. 

Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you’re Garfield alumni, students from other schools, or a family member. “If you’ve been looking for a place to be dignified while you’re gettin jiggy with it, this is THE place to be,” Berliant said. To any would-be waltzers who are concerned their dance skills won’t be on par to others attending the dance, don’t be! A professional waltz instructor often comes in during school hours to teach the art of waltzing to orchestra students and anyone else who wants to learn, usually a month leading up to the event. 

In past years, the event has been held in Benaroya Hall, but unfortunately, due to the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, the ability to host the event came into question. This resulted in the relocation of the Waltz to Washington Hall, on 153 14th Ave. Despite being the orchestra’s biggest fundraiser of the year, tickets are fairly affordable at $25 per person. Tickets are usually available for purchase on the official Garfield Orchestra website

( The dress code ranges anywhere from cocktail wear to ball gowns and tuxedos, so there’s no need to spend days stressing over what outfit to wear. 

This school year, more than ever, many students have complained about the lack of school events and dances. Soren Harper, a flutist in Garfield’s symphony orchestra, remarks, “It’s fun to treat it like a school dance because we don’t have any this year…if students want to go it’s a fun place to let your hair down,”. Unfortunately, by the time this article is published, the event will have come and gone, but, even if you’re a senior, don’t forget there’s always next year. Don’t let the opportunity waltz right by!