A New Arena For Freshman Athletes

The class of ‘25 begins their high school sporting journeys.

The class of 2025 has dove head-first into many activities at Garfield but none more than sports. “I think it’s a really big thing to be in athletics because people don’t know each other unless you’re doing clubs or stuff,” 9th grade class president Nyshae Griffin said.
The freshmen class’s unique position coming out of the pandemic has affected their attitude on being involved at school. “We have a little more appreciation for the things we have… Our school spirit is a humongous thing,” Griffin said.

Yanis Dillon and Itamar Iron-Jobes (Boys Soccer)

Varsity soccer players Yanis Dillon and Itamar Iron-Jobes are used to playing together.
“We have been on the same club since we were like six so we’ve been playing together for a long time,” Iron-Jobes said. “Being on the same team with Yanis makes it a lot easier to be on the varsity team. There is another freshmen there for support.”
Their new teammates have welcomed them this year. “It’s awesome [being on the team]. It’s really fun and the players are really nice. The coach is great and the overall support from people in and outside of Garfield is really nice,” Dillon said.
Dillon and Iron-Jobes have thrived in the competitive environment. “Knowing there are players on JV that want your spot is very motivating. Being a freshman you really have to fight for your spot,” Iron-Jobes said.
“The competition for playing time is definitely harder since we’re freshmen, but it’s fun and I feel like I’ve gotten better as a player by playing with varsity,” Dillon said.
They are also motivated by their love for the game. “The most fun I’ve had in my life is out on the field playing with friends. It is such a fun sport – you can connect with other people and it’s such a known sport around the world,” Iron-Jobes said.
“It’s the place and time where I can just be myself and do what I love… Just passing the ball and talking to other players just makes me feel better,” Dillon said.

Elliot Low Choy (Debate)

Elliot Low Choy joined the debate team at the start of the year. “I really like arguing and debating, it’s something that has always interested me. I went to the orientation and it seemed like something fun to join so I joined the team,” Low Choy said.
This was not his first foray into debate. “In fifth grade I was on our school’s debate team but it wasn’t a very good debate team and I didn’t learn very much from it,” Low Choy said.
His experience, however, has been wildly different. “It’s definitely very welcoming, we have a lot of fun. It’s a lot less serious than people think, but we learn a lot and we still get a lot done,” Low Choy said about the team which meets three times a week after school.
Low Choy has also thrived in the competitive element of debating. “We have tournaments and we have gone to four so far this year. We have gone to three that were just around Washington and one national one.” With his teammate Athena McDermot, Low Choy placed third in the novice category at the Harvard University debate tournament, made it to the quarterfinals in the state tournament, and received 3rd place honors as an individual speaking ability.

Delia Black (Softball)

Delia Black started playing softball at the age of eight with her dad as a coach.
“Over the summer and pandemic I threw with my dad and sometimes I went out with my friend Jordana and threw with her,” Black said. “Like a lot of people over the pandemic I definitely got lazier sports wise.”
Garfield softball has had consistent success and won the state tournament three years ago and knowing this Black was unsure how tryouts would go. “It was a little intimidating, honestly. I wasn’t sure how it would go or if I would make the team even, but I’m really glad I did,” Black said.
Her nervousness quickly faded away once she joined the team. “Everyone is so nice, you make a lot of friends really easily. Softball is generally a loud cheering boosting you up sport and that is the same here at Garfield,” Black said. “I love the girls, they are really nice and they kind of become your best friends because you spend a lot of hours with them every day.”