Dear Dawgs

Garfield’s own advice column.

Dawgs word of the day: Witty (adjective)- showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor.


Dear Dawgs, 

I am seventeen years old and I STILL don’t have my license. It’s not like I really need or want one but I do feel like an outcast. All of my friends and classmates can drive and I’m stuck being the licenseless burden. I hate asking for rides and never being able to take myself  anywhere. What should I do? I don’t feel ready to start driving but I also don’t want to be left behind. 



Firstly you must know that you are not alone! Plenty of us are just as stranded as you, whether by choice or by too many failed drivers tests. You must know that not having your license doesn’t determine your highschool experience or status. If you are dependent on your friends don’t be afraid to spare them some gas money or buy them a cute little gift. Showing your appreciation for people who drive you everywhere is ALWAYS a good idea babe. It’s simple, if you’re not ready, you’re not ready. However, if it’s fear that’s holding you back…have some confidence in yourself! Hit the books and show drivers ed who’s boss. As Charli XCX once said,

Let’s. Ride.



Dear Dawgs,

My boyfriend who I’ve been in a relationship with since eighth grade just broke up with me and I feel lost. I saw it coming from a mile away, and I’m not really sad about it- we both sort of knew it was going to happen. Unfortunately, it’s now really awkward. We share a LOT of classes, which was always something to look forward to when we were together, but now it’s just something I dread. Is it possible to repair this relationship? Should I even try? HELP! 



It sounds like your chemical equation was unbalanced from the start. When you say you want to repair your relationship with him, do you mean in a romantic way or platonic way? You need to answer that question before you start thinking about how to make amends. Even if you aren’t sad about the break up, getting dumped is never fun babe. It might not have sunk in yet, but trust us when we say the emotional toll a break-up takes on ANYONE, let alone a high-schooler isn’t something to shrug off. Let yourself feel sad. 

In regards to awkwardness…it’s normal, especially when the wound is still fresh. Don’t suffocate it with a bandaid- let time heal it, as it does all other wounds. Take a step back, give him (and yourself) some space to heal, and then you can decide whether the best thing for you is to rebuild that bridge. Remember: London Bridge fell apart in just a matter of minutes, and Rome couldn’t be built in a day. 

Some molecules just aren’t attracted to each other,