Dear Dawgs

Dear Dawgs,
I like this boy who I’ve been super close with for a long time. He found a girlfriend and not going to lie, I wasn’t too happy about it because we were always flirting with each other. Whenever he talks about her, she sounds so manipulative and she’s so mean to him sometimes. I’ve brought this up to him and he just brushes it off or gets mad. Idk how to tell him he’s better off breaking up without sounding jealous or losing our friendship. Help!
It sounds like what may have been unintentional and harmless flirting on one side was interpreted as another thing on your side. Trust me, we’ve been there; silly flirting with our desk partners or close friends can create a false narrative in our minds eventually leading to disappointment, and it sucks. Although his new girlfriend may truly be manipulative and mean, interfering with his relationship could come off as jealousy, or worse, ruin your own friendship. If he’s reacted badly to you bringing it up once before, I wouldn’t test those waters again. Don’t let jealousy control you babe.
Hoping you blind that one-eyed monster,

Dear Dawgs,
I have a confession, I run @ghspoopyparking on Instagram. It started off as an innocent joke but now it’s so much more. Everywhere I go it invades my thoughts. As I leave school, my eyes are trained on the back-in-angle, trying to pick out the next feature. Even worse, with every time I back into the angle parking chills go down my spine knowing that just one submission and I could be featured on my own page. With every mention or reference of the page in conversation I put all my energy into keeping the secret. It is exhausting and I can’t take it much longer. I want to come clean but how? It’s been built up so much.
As two bulldogs who are without licenses, much of what we will tell you should be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, with fame comes expectations, responsibilities and a spotlight–the same goes for parking. Don’t be afraid to own your parking game and step into that spotlight as a proud driver. Knowing that @ghspoopyparking is a beloved account in the Garfield community, students would be honored to know the true identity of the creator. Own your fame babe.
Here’s to stepping into your headlights, deer.