Tucked Away Treasures

Where to go and why to stay.


By Evelyn Bartlett

There are over 800 Cafes in the Seattle area, and over 200 of those are Starbucks. However, there are still hundreds of cafes that are hidden away behind trees and tucked into different streets. So I searched for three of the coolest cafes tucked away in our city. 

The Central Cafe and Juice Bar

The Central Cafe doesn’t just sell drinks. Walking in, the first thing you notice is the plethora of different soaps and flowers being sold. To the right hung the menu which was laid out in easy-to-read categories that had a variety of options to choose from. Striking up a conversation with the staff was easy, and they were very friendly and welcoming, answering questions I had about their drinks and pastries. I ordered a Blackberry Danish and the Kool Blue juice (Apple, Lemon, Blackberry, Cucumber), and received them promptly. The Blackberry Danish was scrumptious, though the Kool Blue juice tasted overwhelmingly of cucumber and was a little watery. Looking for a place to sit was simple as well, and I followed the stairs up and to the right to enter a small patio behind the cafe, where I found a blue comfy couch to enjoy my treats.

The Muddy Cup

The Muddy Cup is tucked away on the corner of 45th and Latona. It’s decorated with frogs, shirts, and mugs. A viewing window shows a dozen deliciously different pastries, including gluten-free marionberry biscuits and scones. I walked up to the window and ordered the biscuit, as well as a sprinkled donut and an 8oz hot chocolate. Grabbing my food and drink, I found a space outside since there is no inside seating. The options outside are plenty, like a raised patio or covered tables surrounded by plants and decorations. The biscuit was tasty, albeit a little dry, though my hot chocolate with whipped cream fixed that right away. Parking may be tricky around the Muddy Cup, but the quaint cafe makes it worth the while. 

Zoka Coffee

Located near the University of Washington, Zoka sits under Blakely Student housing in Ravenna. With an abundance of pastries and coffee for sale, it’s a good place to go to get work done. Inside and outside seating are available and outlets are plentiful to plug in computers or chargers for schoolwork. Background music creates an atmosphere that allows you to focus and spaced-out seating gives privacy. I ordered an 8oz hot chocolate, and the mix they use is definitely unique. It was more bitter than the Muddy Cup’s hot chocolate and lacking a topping of whipped cream, but it was still a great afternoon drink to satisfy my afterschool cravings! 

There are hundreds of different cafes yet to be found in Seattle, but the three I went to were treasures all on their own. If you’re looking for a quiet, hidden, and delicious spot to sip hot chocolate or eat delectable delights, the Central Cafe and Juice Bar, the Muddy Cup, and Zoka’s are the places to go.