Garfield Traditions Tier List

Our rankings of the best to the worst Garfield traditions.


Traditions tier list:

A: Purple and White – In school (and after school) activities are entertaining for everyone.

Messenger March Madness – Best Garfield sporting event of the year.


B: Annual Protest/Walkout/Sit-in – Most people take it seriously.

Senior Assassin – It looks fun, but we wouldn’t know.


C: Y-E-L-L Chant – Fun for everyone but the freshman who don’t know what’s happening.

Lip Dub – Standing around for 30 minutes, but the five seconds you are on camera are always great.


D: Foreign Language Caroling – All fun and games until you get Spanish carolers five times in a row.

Race to Ezell’s for Lunch – The runners make the wait not worth your time.


F: First Week Schedule Shuffle – Nothing better than having a different table partner every day for the first two weeks.

Admin Policies That Last One Week – They make school unenjoyable at any given time.