Letter From The Editor

In 2020 our world as we knew it changed. We found ourselves fighting two different pandemics, one including the racial injustice occurring within the United States and the other being COVID-19. Both have shaped our new normal and continue to be the daily topic of many conversations between communities.

As a school newspaper, we have an obligation to highlight these topics and bring awareness to the situations individuals live through. I personally want to let you know The Messenger does not plan to stop this school year. We have adapted to work remotely and have changed the way we run and manage the paper to allow all of us to hold each other accountable and to share the stories that are the utmost importance to the student body at Garfield and the community in Seattle.

Because we will be working remotely, The Messenger will be moving completely online for the 2020-2021 school year. Instead of monthly newspapers handed out during passing period, you will see a newsletter twice a month in your email if you’ve subscribed to us or have a Seattle Public Schools email address. These newsletters will overview our issue and link to our website where you can read the entire issue.

The Messenger this year also made a big change to the most favorite section of the paper—the Backpage. We’ve decided to open the Backpage to the public! Everyone will now be allowed to influence what the Backpage will look like each issue. If you would like to have a touch in the making of the Backpage, please follow our social media accounts where we will host weekly polls!

I hope you all are well and are staying safe and healthy during this climate. We will get through this, together.

Téa Fortune