Senior Wills 2020


Molly Alford (Cal Poly SLO)

Selma & Molly Link: Selma, I leave you my brother, impart your wisdom as you see fit. Molly, you are one of few with our name at GHS. Make it one to remember.

Rose, Jake, and Ivan: I leave you the responsibility to uphold the Berkie Bunch. Try not to be too productive when I’m gone.

Lady Bullfrogs: Keep securing the bread ladies, you know what to do. 


Christina Aristides: (University of Washington)

What a crazy 3.5 years it has been. I know you will truly miss me Garfield, I was a diamond among the rhinestones. To Violet Angell, I leave you the practice room (the good one, in the choir room) for all your covert adventures. Renee Anderson, I leave you all the makeup I lost in the costume shop (and the dress, but if you find the dress I want it back). Eden Blanford, I leave you all my Ever After High and Monster High dolls. Hilda Daza-Sanchez, I leave you the Latina squad, I hope it will grow again. To Belle Brown, I leave you Mr. Chuck. To Nati, Naima, Christina, and Melu, I leave you the 4 and the streetcar (not the 3 we hate the 3). To Costa Aristides, who will be here next year, I leave you my legacy, it’ll be hard to live up to my awesomeness. I also leave you the passbook I stole from Ms. Burton. 



Claire Becker: (Tufts)

For the volleydawgs, I leave my warm up playlist. Have fun listening to fight night (clean version) for the 100th time. To Berenice I leave my nonexistent POST legacy. To Jagger I’m #obsessed with u. To Jane, Octavia and Phoebe I leave our love for macrina and all things equestrian <3


Irya Bland: University of Washington (Bothell)

This one goes out to my babies Belle and Aziza! I’ve enjoyed every moment I have spent with you both and will never forget the memories we have created together. Thank you for making dance team that much better. Thank you for the laughs. You know where to find me if you ever need anything. I love you both, and I will continue to support you no matter you decide to do. Enjoy your remaining years! 


Sam Boyar: (LMU)

I give Photography Club to Rose Clark, and I give the Garfield men’s basketball Instagram account to Uriah Givens and Jake Ostrow. Abby Fleet is now automatically the best dancer at GHS.


Ilisea Brown: (Northern Arizona University)

The best has yet to come. 


Jan Buzek: (University of Washington)

George, I leave you the chess team and kibitzing on lunch games in 320. Aaron, I leave you math team meetings to which you never came. Barbora, I leave you everything else. So long, and thanks for all the fish.



Josh Chao: (Cal Poly SLO)

Waddup Garfield heads with more highschool to struggle through! I preciate’ all of you!

To Aaron, Malcolm, Alyssa, and all who suffer from running, I leave you with the hours of bantering with Derek (shoutout big D), and the consistent silent grind y’all put in that we can see. To Simone, I leave you with the rank memory of the pimp-mobile, the many 5-heads, and overall being an amazing person. To Owen, Ria, Tiana, and others of post, I leave you with a shaved head, a dumb country skit, and the shared love of sleeping outdoors on paper-thin sleeping pads while spiders crawl on yo face. To Dylan, I leave you with yo cute ass self and being a dope person, and to those who kick at at stache, I leave the culture behind aswell as corn wrappers at the jungle. To Griffen, I leave you without rides to school, aswell as the work in basketball (take care of big bro for me). And to everyone I leave my favorite quote on the Garfield wall (this is v cheesy I know): “A true test of one’s character is what they do when no one is watching”. Anyways, thank you everyone for being a bulldog and peace! Chao out! (micdrop)


Makayla Clegg: 

Just remember you got this no matter what❤️


Jed Cohen: (Johns Hopkins)

To the frisboys: Win state. Win natties. Nuff said.



Maia Demar: (Parsons)

Polly Demar: you’re my favorite sister and GHS isn’t ready for you. You’d better take care of Pippa when I’m in New York. I love you optimistic prime.

Cypress Price: I will miss our adventures. You’re the life of the party and I adore you. I have a feeling you’ll be joining me in New York soon enough home dog. Keep Seattle Central fun for me.

Ford Johnson: you’re my favorite drainer and 021’er. Keep draining and sending me excellent music recommendations. 

Violet Angel: I love you and Garbage endlessly. I will probably steal her and take her to college with me. Watch out. 

Renée Anderson: I’ll miss art class with you and Paulette and Gabriel. You restore my faith in humanity.

Josie Jensen: you’re the most goated. Never stop never stopping.


Thao Do: (University of Washington)

research your college requirement once you know what you’re majoring in 


Johanz Dolos Reyes: (Seattle Promise)

Don’t be afraid of new experiences, it can become a memorable thing in your future!



Thea Flora: (UBC)

Yatin: I honestly have no idea when we met or how we became friends but I’m gonna miss you the most. I know ur gonna do great next year cuz your weirdly really smart (not at French don’t go down that path).  #ramseysadvisoryforever 

Owen A: goodluck in math Owen I’m So sorry you had to continue after calculus but I know you’ll do well (hehe I never have to take math again) I’m sorry I thought you were ginger for like three years

Zoe Carr: you’re an amazing artist I can’t wait to see what you do next!! I’ll miss your chaotic AP art table 🙁 


Sophia Fox: (U of Oregon)

To Joni Leahy, Arie Lin-Goldstein, and the members of GSA: I leave you infinite amounts of pride and strength. I also leave you the responsibility of bugging teachers about doing Freshman Forums, good luck with that! I give you the strength to keep making the club and Garfield a better space for everyone. Keep on growing, learning, educating, and listening!

To Brooke Benmar: I leave  you my water stained instructions on how to jump start a car. Hopefully you won’t need them ever again, but you never know! I’ll miss carpools with you and Alana, and I also leave you half of my driving responsibilities.

To Alana Sendlakowski: I leave you the other half of my driving responsibilities and our monthly donut tradition. I also leave you all my traffic luck when driving to Jackson Park, Shorecrest, and mentee classes! I would leave you the strength to carry on the ATD bulldogs legacy, but you’ve already got it. Keep dancing your heart out, I know you’ll make me proud!



Tova Gaster: (UBC)

Carrie Huang, you’re the daughter I never had. Carrie on the pen and the soccer team…Your kindness, hard work, and acceptance towards the people around you are seen and so appreciated! 

For Izzy Lamola: the pen, and of course quieres dog. Your consistent friendliness and hugs for real made my days at ghs. 

Soccer: I leave you a red card against holy names. Counting on you to finish what we started- hound em and pound em. Thanks underclassmen for making last szn great. 

Kai Craig, I leave you bi Michael Deforge quilt and an alien baby. You know what to do. You’re an excellent person and I really appreciate your sense of humor and emotional intelligence.  Also: you can keep Everything is Its Own Reward bc I’m not giving back Leaving Richards Valley (sorry!) 

Audrey, I leave you art book club, the snappiest article titles, and unlimited streams on kanopy. It was honor to touch the same clay as you. Pls FaceTime me next year when you and kai are bored in messenger. 

Junior junday/poker night: Women still don’t deserve the vote tbh but you all are ok I guess. Thanks for including me in your activities- it meant a lot to me and I enjoyed getting to know you all.

Sarah, thank you for goth birth of Venus and lying on the floor of ap art w me. I leave you gay frog lighter. 

Sofia Valenta and Ilah– keep it real at Teentix! I leave you worm on a string. 

Everyone in messenger, I leave you the messenger I guess? Simone, Fortune, Molly, Khassim, Ria, Nat, Annabelle, Grace- you already know. 


Sophie Goubert: (USFCA)

This one goes out for all the kids who didn’t drive once throughout high school. Keep not being the designated driver. It’s more fun 


Sean Greenley: (Purdue University)

First, I would like to shout out Mr Waterman for being the best teacher I had throughout my K-12 education. He was also always a trusted source to talk to in the school if I ever was dealing with issues. I’d also like to shout out Mr Saunders for turning the drumline program around after the disaster of band that occurred during Junior year. I wish the best of luck to the rest of the drumline and hope y’all are able to continue improving and keep the program alive. It’s a shame we weren’t able to compete at BDX, but hopefully I’ll be able to come back for it next year and see y’all perform.



Clare Herkert: (Northeastern)

To my sweet sister, I leave you 2/5 of a fantastic carpool, some quality time with the parents, and all of the Mookie kisses and Blue snuggles out there. You’re my best friend forever and please call me everyday. You totally got this and are capable of anything you want in life!

To my fellow ouijerz, I leave you potion making, age gap love, seances on the field, fireflies, butter fish, horror movies, and all the spooky times you could dream of. Ouija club was meant to be a fun and safe space for a few ouija girls to express their love for the spirit world and everything ouija, and it turned into a wonderful community. There are a lot of judgemental people out there but don’t let them dim your sparkle and spookiness, and always remember that they aren’t having as much fun as you! Keep on being you, keep on thriving, and keep on spreading the ouija spirits! Your ouija ladies will always be with you.

To my lovely Gary’s Angels, I leave you an abundance of soccer love, gamedays, barn burners, bulldog time, and the best group of female-scholar-athletes Garfield has ever seen. I know the program hasn’t been the steadiest and that there are more challenges to come but I know that you guys will still be smiling and kicking Ingraham butt along the way! This is an amazing community and I want to thank all of you lovely ladies for being part of it and making my time with ghs soccer so enjoyable and meaningful. Don’t forget to hound em and pound em, defend to destroy, possess to progress, sniff for goals, and ALWAYS remember #atd and that the wolf is as strong as the pack and the pack is as strong as the wolf of course. Big soccer love.

To my airbois and team 4 lovelies, I leave you with the memories of one awesome snow fort, and many blindfolded treks through the woods. You guys are the best and have made my time with POST really special. 

I will miss you all dearly! Love, Clare


Jack Holt: (UCLA)

To Louis (Sophia C), take care of the west and good luck getting to school next year (I seriously don’t know how you are going to survive). To Owen A, carry on the spirit of the 020 xc team. Tiana T, keep making goat like artwork and thanks for making art a fun class for the couple weeks we had it. Berenice G and Lidiya K, fall survival kitchen was so much fun and I’m sad we didn’t get spring survival together. Keep making POST a better organization and try to find Sexy Excy again next year! To Colin P, keep grinding in advisory and live up Junior year. To Eric W, Aaron X and Elizabeth B, I’m trusting you guys with the tennis team and to have the great senior season I didn’t get. Best of luck with leading the team, you can do it!



Sara Javkhlan: (Cornell)

To Lauren, I leave you boba and the lime green dress from Goodwill. Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life!

To Aviv, I leave you my judge’s robe and Domino’s pizza. Tell Snyder and Margaret to get different food for Youth Court.

To Simone, I leave you the Arts and Entertainment section. Treat it like it’s your baby- you’re going to be an incredible editor!

To Owen, I leave you Survival. This trip has brought me so much joy and I couldn’t picture a better person to lead this awesome trip.

To Hannah S and Emily S, I leave you Lane 2. Carry on its legacy of absolute excellence in and out of the pool. 

To Amarra, Linda and I leave you our baby, Intro to Camping. Make sure to play lots of reggaeton on the trip! And thank you for being you! You inspire me so much.

To Ria, I leave you my broken boba cup and our weekly to school. You bring so much positivity into my life and I can’t wait to hear about the amazing things you’re going to accomplish.

To Nina and Andrew, I leave you the gaga pit at Camp Edward. I’m expecting a rematch between you two.

Peace out, Garfield. 


Alice Johnson:

To Arie, I leave my math skills, which I won’t need in college. I hope you enjoy statistics! Model UN, never forget our humble roots in parks & rec. To Mona, I leave my Trader Joe’s snacks. I’ll never forget our interesting drives to Colman. To Averi, I leave my carrots. I hope you don’t turn orange! Ellie, I leave you as the sole leader and head representative of the SMAC and Garfield breaststrokers. I know it’s a lot of weight to carry but you won’t let us down. Frances, I leave you my goggles, and I know you are gonna do big things with them. To Frellie, I leave invitations to my wedding, so don’t worry, you made the cut. To all the Lady Bullfrogs, thank you thank you thank you. You have all my love and I’ll always be rooting for you!! And Garfield, watch out because Saul Johnson is coming and you aren’t ready. 


Daniel Johnston: (Navy)

I’d like to give my truck to Ria, Binh, Kenneth and TJ. 



Ava Klubberud: (USFCA)

Kenneth: I am going to miss you so much! Carry on the tradition and welcome someone else on their first POST trip. 

Peja: I leave you two more years of Garfield science classes without me. Never stop complaining about APP boys. 

Keaton: I leave you all the photos you have never seen.

Amarra & Amelia: I’m leaving you with everything good I can think of, you deserve it. 

Emily: I leave you my gnome hat, we didn’t discuss this but it just feels right. 

Jane: So sad we couldn’t go to prom together, but I hope you know you were always my first choice. 

Fortune: I leave you The Messenger. My child, my baby. I leave you late nights (you can go out the side door if you leave at 7pm), incredibly awkward class announcements, and a google drive filled with articles. Good luck, there’s no one I’d rather pass this on to. 

Ouijerz: I leave you the best club Garfield has ever seen. Don’t be afraid to dance in the halls, clean up after wand/potion making, and always stream Fireflies by Owl City. Stay weird and wacky. I will be there in spirit for the rest of my days.

To everyone in Messenger: I leave you the best gift of all, a new editor in chief. 

Volleydawgs: I leave you my seat on the bench.

Cleo: Sucks to think you won’t be able to use me for clout anymore. Please take care of Frances, her breaks can get squeaky if you drive too fast. Don’t make the same mistake as me and think she’s a personality trait. I leave you with Shrimp, maybe you’ll finally be the favorite. 


Zane Konsmo: (Utah State University)

Bulldog for life 



John LaFortune: 

Once you reach this point everything will matter because you’ve procrastinated.


Kelsey Leamer: (Boston College)

I give the softball team to, of course, Nicola and Amelia. Both of you need to continue to read passages and be mentally tough, both on the field and off. I’m not sure which of you can do the ball cheer, but someone has to do it so one of you better take that on! I will miss you both so very much. I give our advisory class to Grace, I’ll miss you and can’t wait to see the big things you’re gonna do! Thanks Garfield, Go Bulldogs. 


Aimee Lefkowicz: (Berklee College of Music)

To Renee A, I leave you with the tradition of walking home from the lightrail station with an iced coffee from fresh flours. I also leave you the responsibility of looking after Noah and Maggie. Make sure to give them both lots of attention and love. To Mimi C, I leave the 4th of May! Make sure to celebrate well for me. To Jude S, I leave all the passion tea lemonades from the mt baker Starbucks and afternoon chats on that hill. To the 2021 theater kids, I leave lots of patience and words of encouragement. You’ll probably need it! Finally, to Hilda D, I leave the 9am phone calls, broadcast trips, pesto sandwiches, long costume shop talks, memorable after school adventures, and everything else I could possibly think of. <3.  


Chanel Li: (University of Washington)

Michael, I leave you the young one, Danny, he’s your responsibility now. Get him to do his homework and help him when he needs it, calmly. I also leave you my bed which you can nap on if you want, sike. Camryn, I leave you with my brother. You’re the nicest, smartest, and most amazing friend he has. Keep killing high school! Ellie, I leave you dinner dates before basketball, all of my chemistry notes, the Bachelor, my backpack with the pond of water at the bottom, and of course, the beloved advisory gang. Chloe, I also leave you the advisory gang, and biology. You were the best study buddy I could ever ask for. Joey, I leave you precalc with Waterman, team meetings at Rena’s, and Purple Haze. You can do anything you set your mind to, I believe in you!



Samantha McKaige: (Berklee College of Music)

Kaelin– I leave you with nothing but love. that’s it that’s the Will. 

Abby– I leave you with laughter in choir class and talking about how much Zaydi scares us. 

Dylan– I leave you with constant rapping and singing in class. I hope that whoever you have as desk partner in science class next year appreciates it as much as I did. 

Ayden– I leave you with many more fun choir projects and drives along the lake. 

Kelly– I leave you with the difficult task of following in my footsteps. Just kidding. You outshine me at everything you do. 

Ilana– I leave you with the loudest “go baker” I could ever scream. 

Jackie– I leave you with the memory of Mr. Dowst’s chem class forever and always.

Jyotika– I leave you with early mornings in Vocal Jazz. I have loved being your “mom” :’)

Ollie– I leave you really obscure lunches and lots of goldfish from the student store. 


Annika Meisel

Over the past four years, I have grown so much as a musician. Thank you to the Garfield Orchestra program for everything you have given me from Side-by-Side Concerts with the Seattle Symphony to the Los Angeles trio and the opportunity to be in a leadership position twice, once as principal second violin and once as co-concertmaster. It is thanks to the wonderful educators and colleagues I have worked with over the years that I will be pursuing a career in music as well as a Bachelors of Music Performance in the more immediate future. 


Alexander Melrose:

Keep ur chin up, things might be hard now but that’s apart of life, that’s what motivates you and makes you stronger. Oh yea enjoy and cherish the good times wit homies and peers, don’t be wilding like some of us were 😂.


Palmer Moe: (McPherson College)

When I came into Garfield for the first time I realized it was my last leg of public schooling… I only had to suffer through 4 more years and I would be free! I had this mindset because of my experiences at Washington and Thurgood (shout out to Lanisa the OG who was along for the same ride). However, instead of being a place that I wished I didn’t have to go to for most of the year, Garfield became another home to me. Rather than dread going to school everyday, it became an adventure, a good time, and more importantly a place I wanted to be. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, I mean, there was still nauseating lectures, homework to do till 2am(cough* cough* AP classes), unit tests, and the typical high school drama, but no family is without their problems and annoyances. Whether it was with the library dwellers of the morning, my classmates throughout the day, the coolest nerds on the second floor at lunch, or the track or football team after school, I always had a place where I could belong and people who I could share the best 4 years of my life with (so far)!

To Pascal, I give you the Fiat (spiritually), maybe you would make less of a fool out of it than I did. Maybe I will be on a plane you are flying someday…

To Charlie, I’m blessed to have had a friend as faithful as you. You stuck with me even through all by shenanigans and square houses are communist comments (Which I still stand by). Thanks for always being there.



Clara Neville: (Colorado College)

Ria, I leave you hectic emails with Christopher, constantly wondering if he is leaving us high and dry. I leave you our wonderful (sometimes scary) conversations with Ms. Hurd- tell her I miss her! You are going to absolutely kill it as business editor, and I am so excited to see what amazing contributions you make to the paper!!

Ellie Sanders, I leave you our tragically cut short photo class which had so much potential:(. I also leave you our tragic four-way chess games with Spencer and Owen– we just needed more time, we definitely could’ve beat them. I can’t wait to see you again at the other end of this madness, have an amazing senior year!

Lastly, Annika H, I leave you Coach Eric. Sorry, not sorry. Whether or not you play again next year (I hope you do!) I had an amazing time playing tennis with you. Even though we may not have won our doubles match last year, all I remember is having fun with you as a great teammate! I hope you can tame Coach Eric next year, although I’m starting to think that isn’t possible. But despite that, I hope your last two years at Garfield are as great as they can be!!


Ngoc Nguyen: (University of Washington)

I had my ups and downs throughout the 4 years but most memorable memories probably prepping/planning for event with other ASB officers and be loud at assemblies



Jillian O’Kelley: (Wellesley College)

To Chloe P-Z, I leave Doc Martens and ABBA dance routines. To Hilda and Mimi, I leave duct tape and cardboard for your future 14/48:HS endeavors. To Ethan, I leave Pokemon memes. To Nhu, I leave my everlasting gratitude for all your hard work in LGBTQ Arts this year. To my new LGBTQ Arts Club officers, whomever they may be, I leave my hopes for the success and growth of this club, which I know you can make happen together. To the future LGBTQ Arts Club secretary, I leave the rainbow emoji, along with my full permission to put it in every single one of your emails.  To all the members of LGBTQ Arts, I leave the care, dedication, and joy you will need to continue sharing insightful presentations and discussions about queer art in this club. I also leave mint Oreos and chocolate Oreos, which are the best flavors. To the classes of ’20, ’21, ’22, and ’23, how I wish we had gotten more time together. I am grateful I got the chance to learn beside you, and I leave you with my best wishes for the future.


Lucia Olt: (University of Washington)

Wow! It’s been a crazy 3.5 years at Garfield. I am going to miss you all so much— thank you for everything, class of 2020. I am really glad I had so many amazing opportunities, especially the chance to participate in the Theater department. Some of my highlights at Garfield were Thespian Festival, Children’s Show, and the Choir Retreat. Infinite thanks to the amazing teachers who taught us so much. To everyone involved in Garfield Theater: it has been such an honor working with you and getting to know you. I will never forget being a Dodecahedron and a Bird, and running to the concession stand during intermission to get treats, and crying in the Quincy Jones with you. To Renee Anderson: I leave you the Costume Shop. May there always be no eating in it. Take care of everything, as you always have. I have loved working with you, and you are powerful beyond measure. You are the queen of everything related to fashion and the arts. Also— I leave you the pre-show Ezell’s runs. May the actors always have their chicken. To Danielle Croom: I leave you the Southend carpool. You are an amazing person, and a much better driver than I ever could be. Use your car well and don’t total it 😉 To Costa Aristides: I love you, king. I leave you the Loft above the Orchestra room. Use it for whatever purposes you require. You’re going places. Welcome, new bulldog. To Hilda Daza-Sanchez: I leave you the lobby of the QJA. May you make many more tik toks there. Best of luck next year: I will be back to visit.



Millan Philipose: (University of Washington)

Enjoy your years at Garfield — they will be over before you know it. Demand an excellent education — it is your birthright. Learn from the diversity of this school, and leave with lifelong friends.



Olivia Reichert:

Sophie Reichert:

Alaia Robinson: (WSU)

For my most beautiful little sisters Belle and Aziza, I hope the rest of your high school years are amazing! You both have been such a light in my life, and I’m definitely going to miss you both so much. I know you’ll hold it down on dance team, and trust and believe I’m still going to be hyping y’all up in college! Remember not to stress too much, and to take care of yourselves first before anything else! I love you both endlessly, Alaia.


Isaiah Rockey: (Chapman)

Embrace your class spirit



Ann Saephan: (Central Washington University)

It’s okay to be alone, but it’s not okay to be lonely. It’s okay to ask for help, and it’s okay if you don’t “fit in.” Not everyone will have an amazing time at high school, and that’s okay too. Thanks to my junior year, I found what I truly enjoyed doing even though that year was tough and disorganized. I want to thank the band students from last year and this year for being there. I say this a lot, and I’ll say it again: You have no idea how much band means to me and how much you all made it better.


Iris Seiwerath: (WWU)

This is to Kaelin, Ellie, Nina: I will miss you all so much, please keep making lacrosse practices fun! You will do such big things!! 

The girls lacrosse team: have an amazing season and keep being beasts on the field!! Love you and will miss you! 

Belle and Aziza: I love you and bonding on core with both of you was a highlight of my senior year. Keep being amazing and radiant! I’ll miss you!!


Zhemin Shao: (Yale)

To George, I leave you the best lunch conversations, one game of blitz, and a thousand games of bullet. You know the first twelve moves. Oh, and go get that internship.

To Henry A and Henry K, I leave you flawless course registration advice and discussions that probably devolved into politics a little too often. And while we’re on the Henrys, to the Henry in the GroupMe: it’s already June, and I still don’t know who you are. I hope to figure out someday.

To Andreas, Andrew, and Graham, I leave you without a ride to Metros, but with full confidence in your chess abilities. Lakeside is scared of you.

To everyone in chess club, I leave you the strongest engine in the world that only takes a bit too long to make moves.

To Kai, I leave you the best club in the world, a lot of symmetry, and AoPS. I was going to say that it has all the math problems you could ever want, but we both know that’s not true. I can’t wait to see everything you do. Remember to bubble as you go.

To Rylee, Baker, Hope, Tenu, and everyone else on math team, I leave you pies, pis, the best Zoom calls, and the number 1. That’s the probability that you guys are going to do great things next year. I look forward to visiting you all.

To Asaf, I leave you a fork. No, not the kind with four prongs.

To Lucy, Canek, and Wilson, I leave you lots of contour drawings, the most random of conversations, and dreams of many vacations without fear of pickpockets.

To Gautham, I leave you arguments for the sake of arguing, lots of geometry problems, and the orange peel you purposely left under the passenger seat.

To Mona, I leave you a ping pong ball.

And to Aaron, the best brother I never had, I leave you everything: my superior parking skills, the remnants of your Scholar’s Mate attempts, the memories of our synchronized sightreading adventures, one note crescendos, and a million “no u”s. Thanks for listening to all my rants, and for all the late night conversations. You’re probably reading this at 5 in the morning, so go to sleep. I’m gonna miss you bro.


Corinna Singer:

To Left SAAC, I leave roast astrology memes as well as my hatred for Aquarius men. To Tyler Prosch, the crackhead energy of the orchestra  trumpets.  To Tate Linden, endless hugs and baked goods. To Mya Spady, photos of all the cute Japanese snacks that I can find. To Etta Shack and Julien Luu, four years of anger, disgust, and disappointment from being a woman of color in jazz (y’all are gonna change this I can’t wait! Go SEJ!). To Nahom, a promise to watch you be a star player in a soccer game.  And finally, to Simone Cielos, a little piece of my heart and a giant pain in the butt: the Melanin Monthly. Be sure to beat Mr. Wray in speed for me!


Salas Bissell:

Take your chances, have fun and enjoy your time with your friends. Time goes by quickly 🙁



Ileyana Taylor-Mabone: (Seattle Pacific University)

Get out there and talk to new people try and new things before you have to be an adult. Also find programs that align with major you want to do so you can see if you actually want to do it or not.


Dorian Tibbs



Claire Torgelson: (Grinnel College)

To the girls soccer team: stay smiling and laughing. To the girls frisbee team: please take care of Coda for me. To Bryn and Soren: I think you are both cool. To Poppy: I also think you are cool. Jessica: I like your smile. Joey Biehl: I leave you everything. Take care of Julia and Cody. Never stop being my best friend and everything else. 


Sam Treat: (Colorado College)

To Octavia, I leave my moral high horse, early morning Starbucks, Cody Ko binge sessions, Oasis runs, Spikeball, late night viewpoint hangouts (#SaveOurViewPoint) and deep love for country music. I can’t wait to see what you do with your last year of high school, and all I know is you better beat Bainbridge this year. Always stay true to yourself, and never stop bopping in the Volvo. I love you Big O. To Jack Jensen, Nate Korahis and Levi Bauck, I leave true love, on-field profanity, Bainbridge House Parties, Chris’ personalized texts, and mass team emails. Lead the team like how I wish I could have. Get into at least one bench-clearing brawl. If you ever need counsel, you know where to reach me. To J-dog, I leave incredibly over-priced coffee, consistent tardiness, free rides, late-night FaceTimes, and good folk songs. I’ll miss all the times waiting for you to show up in the morning, but I’ll miss you more. To Ellie S and Gabbi I leave physics shenanigans, and scowls of disapproval from Ms. Miller. To Nat, I leave the humor of the Messenger in your hands. Please keep it fun and lively. Make sure people “herd u.” To Izzy, Dylan, Sarah, and Zach, I leave the legacy of the best advisory in all of school history: pancakes, French toast, smoothies, American Vandal, Ms. Young’s love, etc. Keep it going! To Phoebe I leave competitiveness and bad-assery on the volleyball court. Even without the Dawg Pound, keep the fierce trash-talking going. I also leave you with sh*tty Tik-Tok songs and half-eaten grilled-cheese mobile orders. To Nicola, I leave dingers, batflips, and dugout cheers. Keep grinding, I promise to make it to a game (next year or when you’re D1). Finally, and last but not least, to whoever wants it and believes they can take it on, I leave the Dawg Pound and Philosophical Discussion Club. Please don’t let school spirit die, and please keep discussion intriguing and less one-sided than I did. I won’t miss everyone at Garfield, but there are far more people who I will miss who I didn’t have time to name. Thanks to everyone who made my time here pretty dang fun. 



Martin Urrea: (University of Washington)

To future soccer players, unfortunately my senior year as a varsity player was taken from me but you have the ability to work your hardest and pour your heart out onto the field. This program is like no other and you are very lucky to be a part of it. Do your absolute best and bring back the chip to Garfield!


Marisa Viola: (UCSD)

To Zadie Vance, Sofia Valenta, Max Warborg, and Tyler Wood I leave you the tech shop, very loud spaceship games, and very long concerts. You guys are already great team leaders, I don’t know what I would have done without you this year. 

To Sabina Kamilla, I give you our staircase. While you might have tried to replace me before I left, you can now. I know your going build so many amazing sets! Also you, Nick Porter, and Katie get the sound board, good luck!

To the volleydogs, I leave you refs that actually know the heck they are doing.

To Stella I leave you a SpongeBob Pop. And Kaili, Ruby, and Alana I leave yummy food excursions.

Natasha Wozniak: (Skidmore College)

To my Lady Bullfrogs – I leave you a team that will be cheer for you every moment of high school. And David’s backhanded compliments of course.

For Jovie – I leave you all of the correct units for your lab reports and crown you the chin-up QUEEN.

For Tate – I leave you cute panda videos and the ability to play the Messiah.

For Jemma – I leave you yeeted hams, the animal that bites the rubber snake twice, and all the hugs in the world.

And lastly, for Rylee – I leave you my epic sense of style and half a jar of crunchy peanut butter.