This article is meant to be a resource for anyone– whether they are a weight room novice, or a bulked-up giant (like me). The workout below is compiled of exercises obtained from a variety of sources. Many of these exercises come from Men’s or Women’s Health, GQ, or FitnessAI, which are all great resources for anyone interested in fitness or weightlifting.  However, getting big isn’t just about lifting weights. A proper diet is essential to being healthy. Protein builds muscles and I always make a protein shake after my workouts. I have provided that recipe below. 


Upper Body: 


3×8 Hammer Curls

  • Hold a midweight dumbbell in each hand. Stand with the dumbbells parallel to your side. Bring the dumbbell up towards your chest by bending your arm at the elbow. Lower slowly and repeat. Your palms should face toward you the entire time. For one set, do 8 with each arm. 
  • Primarily works biceps. 

3×8 Incline Bench Press

  • With heavier dumbbells in each hand, adjust a bench to be at about a 45-degree angle. Hold the dumbbells with your palms facing away from your chest. The starting position should be at about the nipple line. Push straight out, extend fully, then lower slowly and repeat. For one set, do 8. 
  • Works shoulders, triceps, and chest. 

3×8 Bent Over Rows

  • Lower the bench to a flat position  (180 degrees). Place your left knee and left palm on the bench, so that you are bent over, with your right foot on the ground for support. Hold a midweight dumbbell in your right hand, starting with it hanging away from your body. Slowly raise the dumbbell up to your chest. Your palm should face in towards your body, and when raising the dumbbell, keep your elbows in to avoid flaring out. Hold for one second, lower the dumbbell slowly and repeat. For one set, do 8 with each arm. 
  • Primarily works upper back.

5×5 Deadlift

  • Use a barbell with heavier weights, place the barbell on the ground. Line your toes up with the bar and position your feet about shoulder-width apart. Grip the bar with one hand overhand and the other underhand, hands about shoulder-width. Squat your bottom down, bending at the knees. Don’t lift with your arms. Press up with your legs, and allow your arms to hang free while holding on to the bar. Press up with your legs, push your hips forward, and once you’re fully standing up, hold the position for a second, before dropping the bar. Repeat five times for one set. 
  • Works, legs, back, abs, arms. 



Weighted Lunges (4×15)

  • Holding a heavy dumbbell in each hand, lunge in place, alternating legs. Do 15 to complete one set. 


Squats (5×5)

  • Rack a barbell so that it is even with your chest. Place desired weights on both ends. Position the bar behind your head and on the tops of your shoulders. Grip bar with hands, evenly spaced. Step back from the rack with the bar on your shoulders. Position feet a little wider than shoulder-width. Lower bottom straight down, as if sitting in a chair. Stop when your legs make a 90-degree angle at your knee. Push up using your legs and engaging your core, keep back straight. Once finished, walk the barbell back onto the rack, and duck under the bar to disengage. 
  • Works legs and butt. 

Run or Bike

  • Also cardio.



Power plank (4 x 15sec) 

  • Do plank and engage every muscle. Squeeze fists, flex arms, squeeze glutes, and most of all, engage the core. 

Russian twists (2 x 60 sec) 

  • Use a medium-weight medicine ball. 

Leg raises (4 x 12)

  • Lie on the ground, legs straight. Lift both legs until they are at a 90-degree  angle, perpendicular to the floor. Don’t touch the ground with your legs, but lower them back to about two inches above the floor. 

Smoothie Recipe:

  • One scoop non-whey chocolate-flavored protein powder (plant or bone-based)
  • One scoop peanut butter
  • One full banana (peeled)
  • 2/3 cup of plain greek yogurt
  • 1/4 cup of cold water
  • A handful of ice cubes