News Briefs

Seattle Sounders Monumental Win

Seattle Sounders fans came from across the state to watch them play against Toronto FC in the MLS Cup final. On Sunday November 10, over 69,000 fans attended the match at CenturyLink Field, which is more than the amount of fans that attend a typical Seahawks game. With all goals made in the second half, the Sounders pulled through with a 3 – 1 win. Though this is the Seattle Sounders’ second MLS Cup title in history — their first one being in 2016 —  it is their first win at home. This victory makes the team one of only six in MLS history to win the MLS Cup two times or more.


Las Vegas Homeless ban

In an attempt to reduce the city’s homelessness population, Las Vegas has banned the homeless from sleeping on the streets. It will now be considered a misdemeanor to sleep on city streets, if there are shelters available. This law went into effect November 10 but will not be enforced until February of 2020. Those who violate this law will either face up to six months in jail or be fined $1000. Amidst the controversy, City Attorney Brad Jerbic clarifies that although the law will be enforced, those without homes are at liberty to reject assistance. If they choose to reject help, they can continue to sleep on the street, but the streets have to be outside of downtown Las Vegas.


Political Protests in Chile

The people of Chile have been protesting their local government for about a month out of dissatisfaction with the government’s enforcing of a Pinochet-era constitution. Their frustration has resulted in protests in the streets, riots, and vandalism. Citizens are demanding either the president’s resignation along with major governmental reforms or a new constitution altogether. With over 10 civilians dead, the President of Chile has agreed to rewrite the constitution and put up the new constitution as a public referendum.