The Foot-Z Crew

A new tap group brings a generational twist.

Director and founder of The Foot-Z Crew, Cipher Goings (2019 Garfield Alum), describes the group as a place where “[we] mix our ‘Gen-Z’ flare with tap dancing.” Housed out of Northwest Tap Connection, Foot-Z fuses tap and hip hop together to create dance videos that they post to Youtube and Instagram.

According to Garfield sophomore, Nia Davis, the creation of Foot-Z was inspired by watching videos of other dancers and dance crews, such as Willdabeast and the Syncopated Ladies.

“Seeing as they are a different generation from us,  [we thought] why don’t we start something for our generation?” Davis said. 

Aside from the generational aspect, there are few dance crews, let alone tap crews, that can blend genres in the unique way that Foot-Z can. 

“It allows me to use tap dancing, an art form I love, and create things so that people  who don’t tap dance can have something they can relate to,” Goings said.

While Foot-Z only released their first video this past August, Davis noted that many of the members grew up together, and have been dancing with each other for over ten years. These close bonds make the Foot-Z experience even more memorable, and this comradery is one of Davis’ favorite things about  being part of the crew. 

“Being with the people that I care about and the people that I love,  and making something that’s inspiring to other kids,” make the experience fulfilling for her.

Goings is excited for the future of Foot-Z, especially with the amount of support they’ve already received. Right now, the main goal is to “keep building a following that loves the work as much as we do.” 

Find the Foot-Z Crew on Instagram and Youtube @thefootzcrew.