Top Dawg

Claire Becker looks to take it to the next level

Claire Becker has spent all four years of her high school career with the Varsity Volleydawgs, and is looking to end it at the top of her game.  Becker started playing at Hamilton International Middle School in 6th grade and has been playing at the varsity level ever since. Through all the intense workouts and extreme competition, bonding with teammates makes it all worth it for Claire.

“In my freshman season, I met a lot of my closest friends for the rest of high school,”  Becker remembered. “The team vibe is super fun, especially this year. We have a lot of fun traditions like the seniors giving all the other members of varsity funny gag gifts at the end of the season.”

However, Volleyball isn’t all fun and games, and the time commitment of being a student-athlete can take a toll on anyone.

“With 2 hour-long  practices and some games starting as late as 7 P.M. I tend to get home pretty late, which definitely cuts into my time to work on college apps and homework,” Becker said.  “It’s worth it though, and it’s still definitely better than having to do early morning practices like last year.”

This year, the team has had an excellent start to the season featuring an undefeated district record and two other close losses.

“Our eyes are always on State, and I think we have a good chance with how the season is going,” Becker said.  “Volleyball is really interesting and fun to watch, and we’re actually pretty good, so you all should come out to support!”

However the Volleydawgs perform down the stretch, you can be certain of one thing.  Claire Becker will be dominating the opposition on the court with true Bulldog spirit.